MOTHER OF ALL SCAMS: Optionbot 3.0 review

optionbot3One of the oldest binary options scams is back in its third version, here is the review of OptionBot 3.

We missed OptionBot 1 back in 2012, but we reviewed OptionBot 2 in 2014. It was one of our first reviews of a scam, because we could not believe the amount of fake reviews that was circulating about this program.

Since then hundreds of new binary options scams came to the scene and we kept on exposing them, because the vast majority of binary options websites still publishes fake reviews. So when we first saw Optionbot 3, it kind of made us remember the starting point of our fight against scams.

OptionBot 3.0 is a scam

So what is Optionbot about? It is a binary options robot that will trade for you. The presentation doesn’t say much, but the assumption is that the robot is here to make you money. It is all about the software.

You can get a demo to test the robot, but here is the biggest catch. It fakes results! It is one of the most disgusting tricks of scammers, they provide you with a fake demo to make you believe their software works. But when you start trading with real money, the robot will lose your deposit, because real trades obviously cannot be faked.

Look at the following video, you will one example of a trade that should have been a looser, but OptionBot 3 faked it to a winner.

This trick is now widely used by a lot of binary options robots. The software either manipulates the price feed or just rewrites the results.

How it really works

People usually ask why do scammers bother with putting out a trading software for free when it is losing money? The answer is simple. They are affiliated with some binary options brokers, so they are getting paid for sending new depositing clients to these brokers. Optionbot 3 is no different.

But how to convince a beginner to open an account with a specific broker and deposit money into it? You create a software that will force the user to do it. And then you just need to convince people that this software will make them money although it will not. You have to lie and hide the truth. This is how OptionBot 3.0 works.


Optionbot 3 is a typical scam that is trying to fool you with fake demo results. But if you let it trade with your own money, it will lose it.

You can try a genuine free binary options demo to see how trading really works. There you can really learn how to make money with binary options.

And forget about free money making robots, they do not exist!

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One thought on “MOTHER OF ALL SCAMS: Optionbot 3.0 review

  1. Tropical Trade en Optionbot
    Stay away from Tropical Trade !
    First they do not have a license , so they can do whatever they want .
    And THEY DO !
    Tropical Trade promised a bonus, 5 free winning free trades and a surprise.
    You will got that after you deposit .
    The surprise is: You will get NOTHING .
    Not even an answer !
    And your money is gone !

    Warning !
    Never Trade with OptionBot .
    It is a SCAM.
    Their Demo is a Fraud .
    It is only a misleading simulation.
    The payout is higher than in the real mode
    And you can not lose in the demo.
    In real trading the winning rate is 49% or less.
    So Option Robot is deceptive and a losing game .
    Avoid it !

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