Stay AWAY from Binary Option Auto Trading

Binary Option Auto Trading websiteIn this review we look at a trading robot called “Binary Option Auto Trading”.

Binary Option Auto Trading is a system that promises 100 % automatic investing.

A software will trade for you allegedly based on signals from professional traders and advanced computer algorithms. And it is free.

Don’t trade with Binary Option Auto Trading

The first question that you should ask yourself is: Why would anybody be giving away for free a profitable binary options robot?

The second question that you should ask yourself is: How is it possible that a free binary options robot has an affiliate program and will pay people for referring new members, where does the money come from?

Answers to these question are very simple. People behind Binary Option Auto Trading are affiliated with unregulated brokers (Binary Tilt, RBinary, Finpari) and will get paid by these brokers for referring new depositors.

So how do they make you deposit with their broker so that they earn their affiliate commission? They have to make you believe that you will make money. So they created a piece of software that can trade automatically, but not profitably. And they force you to deposit first, only then you can start using the app.

Terms and ConditionsIt is important, because by the time you realize that Binary Option Auto Trading is a losing software, they will already have earned their commission on you. That’s how it works.

You don’t believe it? Have a look at their Terms and Conditions on the picture. In essence they say that you should not trade based on their system. Their signals come from a third (undisclosed) party.

So you should expect losses. So don’t risk it.


Binary Option Auto Trading is just one of many programs designed to make money to their creators through affiliate programs. The problem is that at the same time they lose money to users of their trading systems, so stay away from them!

Any serious trading program has to let you verify its performance on a demo account. You should never trade any system or strategy with real money if you could not verify how it works on a demo.

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37 thoughts on “Stay AWAY from Binary Option Auto Trading

  1. Hi, it would seem that all auto trading systems are all scams. However, are there any legit and decent “pay for” signal providers or software that doesn’t connect to a broker i.e. just gives you good signals so you can trade with any broker of your choice manualy with an existing brokeraccount that you already have and trust?

      1. Dear Bullshit detector, please read the article you are commenting on. You will see that the authors of Binary Option Auto Trading themselves don’t recommend using their software for binary options trading. Moreover they are not authorised to provide investment advice. But you don’t have to trust them, you can go and risk your own money.

        1. I think that expression may offer them some form of legal protection. Like “wet floor” warnings. I don’t see a legit reasoning behind your accusations and thats why I asked if you or anyone have first hand experience that is provable in some way.
          I am very skeptical of everything and everyone in binary option community. It’s just you don’t have anything to back up your accusaitons. Just a few screenshots and words from their site. Did you actually buy and used their service and lost money ? I don’t think so. That’s why I asked proof from Kamal who claim to lost money.

          Thank you for your answer regardless. No offense intended.

          1. I personally believe that we have provided enough elements to prove that Binary Option Auto Trading is a scam. Either you can believe our arguments and use some common sense, or you can believe that people give away money making systems for free, you can trust this anonymous company and send your money to their unregulated broker and try it. In this case good luck. But we don’t invest in scams, we have reviewed more than 400 scams and there is not a single case where somebody would prove us wrong with our conclusions. But again, you don’t have to trust us, you can go and risk your own money. I know the outcome, I am in this for a very long time. If you don’t trust our arguments, I have nothing more to add. Just do what you believe is right, it is your choice, your responsibility and your money. We are just trying to help people. If somebody doesn’t want our help in the shape of our warnings and reviews, no offence taken, we are absolutely OK with it.

        2. hi. you keep saying that they use unregulated brokers but they have banc de binary and 24option to mention a couple. which are both highly regarded. so firstly this tells me that you dont know a lot. and the google play app has had over 50,000 downloads and mostly positive reviews. im still not saying it will make money but i have evidence in its favour whereas you dont mention any.

      2. i can send you a screen picture of trading.i put for start 250 $ and get 2 win trades and 7 lost in a few days.and put risk level medium.then i chat with them i and i ask for advice and ask that i put reverse trading(against signal provider) and them write i will see but i will probably lost all.they connect me with 24 option broker.
        i think this is a scam program!!

  2. Here are some people using it to profit:

    Do you believe this site is also led by a scam artist ? I thought she was genuine. Do you have anything to say about her site ?

    No offense please. I appreciate what you do here. I also don’t see the point in giving away free money schemes. But this trading software have multiple signal providers and take commission from your earnings . They don’t take your money upfront. You have a bit of control over the autobot and you can choose the signal provider you wish. I think what they do is applying multiple different alghortims/strategies through these “providers” and some of them are bound to have succes sometimes. And they earn comissions from those who win thus they never lose, giving the people a chance (or an illusion of a chance lol ). Sorry if I came of aggressive. I just don’t think your evidence is proving they are a scam beyond doubt. Thanks anyway for the discussion.

    BTW, I am not saying these guys are legit. I also have many doubts about this one and the automated bots in general. I haven’t deposited antyhing to them. I am NOT recommending anyone to give any money to them. I was just pointing out that your arguments are not very solid. Anyone feel free to add anything to this discussion. I would love to see some proof.

    1. Brokerscamalert? I cannot trust any website that publishes review with affiliate links. Brokerscamalert will get paid if you sign up for Binary Option Auto Trading through the link in their so called review. Writing reviews about things that you are in fact selling is not only unethical, but you cannot call these articles review. And again, Binary Option Auto Trading force you to use one of their brokers, because they get paid for referring new traders to these brokers. This is how they make money. And ask yourself why they are using only unregulated brokers, except one, Banc de Binary, which is probably the worst regulated broker I know. And why is Binary Option Auto Trader showing fake awards on their home page? And why they show fake testimonials with stolen photos? Because it is a SCAM.

    2. hi bullshit detector,i you have invest money in binary option auto trading than you have come to know that it is scam,if not than stay away from them,i joined them recently by brokersscamsalert .com.i traped by reading comments below,you know what happens first day to me five trade 4 won 1lost i thought ohh this what which i m looking for but second day 7 loses in a row,if u deactive losing signal provider than you will not get any trade,any way i just saw your comment here so i think i should tell u to save your money,and one other thing if post nagetive comment on anna review it will not appaer on their comments

      1. Hi. Brokerscamalert and Binary Option Auto Trading is a SCAM. I started using the Auto Trading 3 weeks ago. The first day I made $50, which I was excited about. Then I had a phone call from the broker, RBinary, and I got SCAMMED. He said he was the vice president of the company, and he wanted to show me how many of his clients had made some good profits. I foolishly let him remote access my computer , and I let him into a bank account of mine, and he took out NZ$1800 , plus the NZ$450 which I already had sitting in the Auto Trader, and I saw him make a put option on some commodity. He said not to worry and that the money was insured against the company. He would contact me back. Thats the last I saw of my money. I tried to contact RBinary, but the same person just emailed me back saying he’d tried to contact me (which is a lie), and that I should give him a call so he could start making me some money. I’m going to stay away from binary trading now.
        I know I should have closed the connection before he took out the funds. It looked suspicious when he tried to increase the credit limit on my credit card so he could take out more money. But I can only learn from this.
        I tried sending a message on brokerscamalert to warn others but the message didnt appear on the site, because they monitor the messages first, and only display the messages that put the software in a good light. Theyre a scam.
        I just want to warn everyone. The brokerscamalert site is affiliated with Binary Option Auto Trading. At the top of their webpage, they even call themselves Binary Options, using the same font as their software. This always looked suspicious to me, but I had to give it a try unfortunately. Of course theyre going to say every other program is a scam except theirs.
        I just hope some people can learn from my mistake, and not let these crooks near their hard earned money.

  3. Have you personally used any auto trading software that works? I searched in your site to see if you mention or recommend one reliable and good auto trading software, I found none. Is there no good and reliable auto trading software that is not a scam? I am a newbee and I want to avoid any possibility of losing my money.

    I agree with “Bulshit detector” as any reasoning critical minded person would wonder, that if u say something is not good then provide a proof. And anyone who has a firsthand experience preferably buying the software and using it, should be the right person to say this or that is a scam ( in your own case all auto trading software are scams). And strange of all, there is not a proof from users of these products, not even up to 10 or 2 persons.

    I have not used any auto trading software yet because I am a newbee still searching and hoping I find a good one from review sites like yours. And think it’ll b more convincing if you add proofs with videos and snapshots of your own trading with any system you review. There are some sites that make reviews of only products they have used and systems they have not tested they leave it out but when asked about they honestly tell u, they have heard about it but have not used it, I think it is best this way.

    1. If you don’t agree that proofs that we provide in our reviews are enough and if comments from real users in the discussions under our articles are not enough for you, I’m sorry, but we cannot do more. If we had to invest in every scam out there, so far it would have cost us about $100,000 in lost deposits. We are not crazy… I repeat it again and again, we have nothing to gain in this, we do it primarly as a public service, we don’t sell anything. If you don’t trust our reviews, fine, go and test these programs with your own money, no problem whatsoever. You don’t have to read a website that you don’t trust. We believe we provide enough proofs of what we say, but obviously you don’t have to agree. Maybe you prefer to trust other reviews that sell these programs that they review, it is your choice…

  4. Hello,

    I did extensive research on that site and bot and confirmed that both Anna’s site and the Bot software is one big SCAM. I emailed everyone on the comment sectiion of Anna’s site, and one person returned me telling his experience losing money to this scam. Don’t deposit anything! Don’t fall into this trap. Learn BO yourself. There are numerous sourcs online. Do the hard way and do it yourself.

  5. hi,john novak there is new automated software in the is every where.every famous scams exposing site is giving good review about it.pls look into it

    1. Hi, it is a scam, see our Snapcash Binary review. The sad truth is that the vast majority of binary options review websites is scam. They expose some scams to gain some credibility, but then they promote some other scams for money.

  6. Hi,
    John Novak
    What about finpari?
    I heard it is unregulated broker.Did u try their platform? If try how is their spot follow option winning % ?

    1. Hi, Finpari is not regulated. They don’t even provide a contact address, so it is impossible to know where they are from. I recommend not to trade with unregulated brokers.

      1. Hi I am new to binary options and have been reading reviews for about three months now and it’s all very confusing. Please could you answer these questions for me?
        1.Why is it that one review site will say such an Auto Robot is a scam and another will say it isn’t including yourself?
        2.You say Binary Option Auto Trading is a scam and works with unregulated brokers who just want to take all your money yet 24Option is now working with them and they are regulated and known all over the world as being one of the best if not the best and most trusted broker so why would they put there name and reputation on the line with a so called scam??
        3. You say all Auto Robots are scams and just want to take all your money? Yet You have named IQ Option as one of your top brokers to trade with yet they have just launched their own Auto Robot so what is your opinion on that??
        Many thanks


        1. Hi,
          1) You are contradicting yourself with point 3). I have never said that Auto Robot isn’t a scam. All the robots we have reviewed so far are scams. Some fake review websites publish positive reviews of some robots because they get paid for promoting them.
          2) Most of the time scams work with unregulated brokers, but some unscrupulous regulated brokers can also fall into this game. 24option is certainly not a good broker, we hear a lot of complaintes about them and they got banned in France. This is how bad this broker is. And if 24option accepts new customers referred by scammers, it only confirms their bad reputation.
          3) IQ Option do not offer any robot promising you money. They just offer a tool to automate strategies into robots and you can share your automated strategies with others. It is up to every trader if they want to build their own robots or try robots built by somebody else. You can try any robot on a free demo with them. Again, no promises of earnings, it is just a tool, just like MQL in Metatrader. On the other hand scammers build crappy robots and they promise you big money, although they know their software is losing money. They won’t let you try them on a demo and they only push you to deposit and lose money. See the difference?

  7. Really curious why my comment wasn’t answered earlier today and it has just been deleted… I must of said something that you didn’t want to to me that means your review site is no better than all the others and you just regulate which comments to keep on and which to get rid of.Maybe you just get paid for recommending certain sites!!!

  8. (1) Everyone should listen to John here. There are not any auto trader systems that work. They are all scams. This is the only review site that I have found that does not try to push some auto trader as a ligit system.
    (2) Loka, I personally trade with Finpari. I signed up through one of the scam auto traders. But because of the attention I received from Finpari (personal training via Skype) I chose to give them a chance. My experience has been good with them. Do not take this as a recommendation, I am simply stating my experience with them.
    (3) For those of you located in the USA there are several highly respected online trading firms that now offer binary trading accounts. They do not go by the same name as the ones you hear advertised but they are affiliated with them.
    A warning!!!! Trading with these US brokers is not the same as it is with the international brokers. The options do not work the same. Most of them offer demo accounts of $50,000 or $100,000 for you to try it and get a feel for the trading.
    (4) Use your common sense, if it sounds too good to be true IT IS A SCAM!!!!

  9. Hi John i think you have open our eyes we all need extra cash but to be honest this guys who call themselves scam advisor’s are part of the syndicate and as a poor south african i will just do a course and trade with registered brokers in my coun6 where i know their physical offices

  10. Well better to lose money yourself than to let some “robot” lose it all for you 🙂
    Btw, any good binary options signals program to introduce?
    At least we can follow signals and decide whether to follow or not 🙂

  11. Hi John

    Thanks for all your expert advice. Have you ever reviewed Metatrader? I was scammed along with 400 people in Thailand who believed our investments were doing really well. We had our own account to log into and check the balances etc. It turns out the scammers merely purchased the Metatrader Software and manipulated their investment figures. it seems ridiculous that a software company can sell software that allows manipulation like this that can fool all of us novices. I wrote to their Singapore office about the 10 million Euro Fraud that happened here in Thailand and they never responded. I think the software providers are as guilty as the scammers as they know their Software can be manipulated by criminals .


    1. Hi Graham, it’s a difficult one. Metatrader is the most popular trading platform. I know that brokers and other entities can abuse it, but then you can abuse almost everything. I mean if a car runs over somebody, it is the fault of the driver, not of the car manufacturer. So I would not blame Metaquotes (creators of Metatrader), because they just sell a trading platform and it is up to people how they use it. That being said I’m really sorry for what happened to you and I understand you anger. Scams can be very sophisticated and it is sometimes very difficult to see through.

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