100th SCAM: iRobot for binary options review

iRobot websiteThis iRobot review is a warning about a binary options software that will lose your money.

On the iBinaryOptionRobot website you can read that iRobot is the most accurate binary option robot on the market based on a complex algorithm. It allegedly has a 85% win rate.

And guess what, iRobot is free, because money is free, right?

iRobot scam

iRobot softwareThe iRobot scam is based on a white label binary options trading software that anybody can buy, brand it and start scamming people. This software is a piece of crap that has no real strategy.

In reality it features a demo that fakes results, so when you try it, you’ll think that it works because of the demo results. But when you start trading for real, you will lose your money, because real trades cannot be faked.

So what’s the point of iRobot? It is very simple, people who are behind it are affiliated with some brokers and are getting paid for referring new depositors to these brokers. This is why they lie about the real performance of iRobot, they need you to believe that they can make you money so that you send your money to their brokers.

If you sign up through iRobot for a real account, deposit money and start trading, scammers will get their affiliate commission and you will lose your deposit.

This crappy software has been used by many scam binary options robots, like Gold Binary Robot or Option Robot, look at the picture to see the proof.


iRobot is a simple scam based on a software that loses money, so stay away from it.

If you want to experience real binary options trading, do it on a genuine demo account that provides accurate results. There you will see how trading works and how you can really make money with a proper strategy.

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  1. Totally agree this is a scam . Do not use , customer support does not exist and the brokers willing to take your deposit but not willing to discuss or investigate this scam software

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