1K Daily Profits is a scam, honest review

1K Daily ProfitsThis review is about a new binary options scam called “1K Daily Profits”. It is presented by John Becker.

Becker says that he has a binary options trading app that can make you $1,000 per day, which means $30,000 per month and $365,000 per year. It is because together with his friend from Goldman Sachs he cracked the code to profit from the financial crisis.

According to Becker you are lucky because the invitation to his program has been sent only to a select few people. So now you can get access to his 1K Daily Profits trading app for free.

1K Daily Profits is a simple scam

Here are the proofs that 1K Daily Profits (or Trading Donkey) is just a scam that is abusing binary options.

John Becker

John BeckerJohn Becker does not exist, it is a fictitious character created just for the purpose of this story.

His photo is a marketing photo from Shutterstock.

Fake statements

statementIn the video Becker shows some bank account statements that are supposed to prove that he has made a lot of money with 1K Daily Profits.

But these are just poor fakes, look at the image, it is obvious that this statement is not genuine.

1K Daily Profits app

1K Daily Profits AppAnother fake is the 1K Daily Profits app. So many things do not make sense that it is the best proof of scam.

Look at the image, the first trade has a future expiry date, but it has already been closed and won.

On the second screen there are even more mistakes, new trades have older expiry dates than the first one and the total of trades does not match with the number shown in the platform.

The truth

The reality behind 1K Daily Profits is pretty simple. Becker (or whatever his name is) is getting paid for sending new traders to a binary options broker.

So he needs you to go and open a new trading account with his broker and deposit money, because it will earn him his commission. If you then trade your deposit with the 1K Daily Profits app, you will lose it.


Stay away from binary options trading systems that are offering you free profits while asking you to deposit your own money first. These are scams.

If you want to know how binary options trading really work and how money can be made with binary options, try a free demo. Then you can decide whether you want devote more time to it and try to build a profitable strategy.

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  1. Thank you so much for this i knew it was a scam i had figured it out but I need verification again and now I got it😊

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