1st Trade Options is not regulated, warning

The financial regulator from Nova Scotia NSSC has warned about the broker First Trade Options.

First Trade Options is a broker that is allowing its clients to trade with classic option, not binary options.

The broker allegedly is based in Panama and is not regulated. Yet, First Trade Options is trying to get customers in Nova Scotia, presumably among other countries.

This is why the NSSC has warned about First Trade Options.

For trading we recommend using regulated brokers only.

9 thoughts on “1st Trade Options is not regulated, warning

  1. Dear Sirs
    We are a group of people who have filed a criminal complaint against these group of criminals, we would like to contact all the victims , we would like to contact John Novak.

    You can write us to the email: marcelinoaguilar@mail.com

    Marcelino Aguilar

  2. I am from Calgary. Jeff Daniels criminal. What we can do?
    Can we contact all and fined them???

  3. 1sttrade option is a criminal oufit they stole lots of money from me be aware of Copeland ad daniel main scammer of this organisation

    1. 1st Trade Options has stolen a lot of money from me. Jeff Daniels , Copeland and Jimmy Rae Thompson are the unscrupulous scammers that are not to be trusted….Really aweful people

    2. They are real criminals, do you presented any criminal complaint against them?

      1. Not possible to present legal complaints – you sons of bitches cut and run – then turn up with a new identity, that’s my guess. My hope is that I will meet you face to face 1 day; it won’t be pretty.

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