247 Options Trade, Binary Market Arbitrary Refund and others added to the SEC PAUSE list

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has warned the public about a number of unregulated soliciting entities and fake regulators.

The SEC maintains a so-called PAUSE list with unregistered entities that have been the subject of investors complaints. It is highly recommendable to avoid all dealings with these entities.

Soliciting unregistered entities

  • 247 Options Trade
  • Binary Market Arbitration Refund
  • Cadwell Capital Partners
  • Crawford Stanley Advisors
  • Kingsley Capital Partners
  • Law Experts of New York
  • Levine & Levine Law Specialist
  • Maxwell Financial Service
  • Mendelson & Associates
  • Miller & Cohen
  • Morgan Consultancy Group
  • New York Law Specialist
  • Thomas, Lloyd, Cohen & Anderson LLP
  • Total International CPA
  • Transfer Securities
  • United Tax Consulting

Fake / Bogus regulators

  • Department of Financial Regulators
  • Financial Protection Intelligence Unit
  • Global Financial Protection Commission
  • International Financial & Regulatory Commission
  • New York Regulatory Division
  • Overseas Financial Authority
  • U.S. Board of Merger & Acquistion
  • United States Bureau of Securities Registration
  • US Registration Authority