247CashBot is a SCAM ROBOT – review

247CashBot websiteThis review of 247CashBot shows why you should not let this robot trade binary options with your money.

What is 247CashBot? A binary options robot that can trade automatically on your behalf. It allegedly is a new easy and complete solution for online trading.

The owners of the robot say that it will either double your money in the first week, or you will get a refund of your deposit.

247 Cash Bot scam

ContactLet’s start with the promise of a refund in case the robot does not double your money in the first week. They say that terms apply, but we haven’t found anything about this promise in their terms and conditions.

So who runs 247CashBot so that you can ask them for refund? An anonymous entity with an offshore Seychelle P. O. Box. Therefore we have every reason to believe that the refund promise is just an empty promise, you will never see a refund.

Scam robot

Robot reviewWe have also examined the robot itself and we got a clear confirmation that 247CashBot is a scam. Because it is based on the same software as many binary options scams.

Look at the picture to see a few examples of other scam robots based on the same app, like Binary Auto Trader, Best Trading Robot or Free Robot Signals.

We tested this software many times in the past and each time we came to the same conclusion, it is a scam with a fake demo.

The 247CashBot demo is extremely dangerous, because it uses a fake price feed to turn some losers to winners, so the results have nothing to do with reality!

People who fall into this trap will think that the robot is profitable and they will let it trade with their own money. But real trading results cannot be faked, so the robot will lose their money.

The truth

The truth is that the sole purpose of 247CashBot is to make you deposit money with an affiliated broker. Because people who run this robot are getting paid by some brokers for referring new depositors. That’s all.

This is why they use the fake demo to persuade you, they need you to deposit through their software to earn them a commission.


247CashBot is a scam robot that is trying to mislead you with fake results on the demo. Stay away from it!

Use a genuine free demo with a regulated broker to see how binary options trading really works and how you can earn money if you manage to build a profitable strategy that you will trade by yourself.

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