24MarketOption is a SCAM broker – review

In this short review we are going to prove that 24MarketOption is a scam broker that you have to avoid.

What it is

24MarketOption is a binary options broker. That is pretty much all that can be said about this broker, because its website is pretty empty. Links to FAQ’s, Regulation and other pages don’t work at this time.

We were not able to find even basic information about the minimum deposit and the minimum investment in a trade.

Why is 24MarketOption a scam

24 Market Option websiteThe reason why 24MarketOption catched our attention is the numbers it is showing on the website. The broker has allegedly been around since 2013 and since then it accumulated millions of trading accounts.

The problem is that all these numbers are straight lies. Look at our picture and you will see that 24MarketOption was created in July 2017, it is a very new broker. So all the numbers about clients, account, turnovers etc. are pure fiction.

It's a scam brokerIt is obvious that 24MarketOption is just trying to copy the success of the regulated and popular IQ Option Broker.

You can see it on our second image, they even used a picture of the IQ Option platform. Which they of course did without having the right to do so.

Not regulated

24MarketOption is totally anonymous, it is impossible to determine where this broker is based, there is no real contact information. This is another huge warning sign.

It also means that 24 Market Option is not regulated, therefore money on trading accounts is not protected.


And finally we also hear complaints from people that are not able to withdraw money from 24MarketOption.

So there you have it, all the possible reason not trade with this broker.


24MarketOption is not only an unlicensed broker, but also a scam. Stay away from it!

Always use regulated brokers only for trading.

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4 thoughts on “24MarketOption is a SCAM broker – review

  1. 24Marketoption isn’t a scam broker, I actually got my first withdrawal when I requested for it and up till now, they’re my first choice broker when it comes to Binary Options Trade or Forex.
    If you have problem sorting our your fees with the broker fix it not come up with some useless writeup

    1. What did you have to pay as a fee to have your payment?: I would like a little more details please.

  2. 24MarketOption is a SCAM.
    In order to withdraw my winnings, I first had to pay the Intel Permit Broker ( 1500 dollars), after that he wanted me to pay transfer fee (10%), and again afterwards, to have my withdrawal 10000, you had to pay the tax on money laundering (1500 dollars). In the case, I lost 4500 dollars because I trusted a certain Michelle Wooten, who traded for me on this Site .: I ‘ve $ 12800 to withdraw: total scam, pity that I have not seen your page before.

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