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If you are looking for the best binary options broker, you probably already know what are binary options and how to trade them. But let us still cover some basics.

Binary options were created to simplify options trading, because classic vanilla options tend to be complicated for ordinary traders. With binary options you have only two possibilities, either you make a full profit or you lose the money you invested in the option. In exceptional cases, when the price does not move at all from you entry, you are given back the price of the option, so you stay at zero.

There are several types of binary options, but the basic one asks you a very simple question: will the price be higher or lower, when the option expires? It does not matter how big the price movement will be, and that is the biggest advantage of binary options.

You can try it now on a free demo here

This basic binary option is called High/Low and will often give you a profit of about 85 % of your investment. The expiration time varies, you can choose between 1, 2, 5, 15, 30 minutes or longer, some binary options expire after days or even weeks.

Then you have other types of binary options, Boundary and Touch/No Touch. With Boundary options you are saying that the price will stay inside or go outside certain boundaries, it is as simple as that. When trading Touch/No Touch options, you are basically betting that the price will or won’t reach a certain level before the option expires.

The biggest disadvantage of options is that they are limited by time. There is always an expiration time which represent the moment when the price has to do what you thought. It does not matter what it did before or what will it do later. But then you have several advantages that make up for it.

The best thing about binary options is that you need only a small movement of the price and that you cannot get stopped out on a stop loss. Because when you trade a binary option, you pay its price and you can never lose more than this amount you paid, no matter how big the movement of the price will be. You don’t have to worry about stop losses, you just buy your option and wait for it to expire.

This also means that you don’t have to worry too much about your trading platform, because should it have a short downtime when you are trading, it will have zero effect on the result of your binary options trade.

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  1. Hi There,
    I believe I am being scammed by these guys, constantly asking me to put more money in just to withdraw!! Have you heard of them? Are they legit brokers or just scammers? …Thanks in Advance!

  2. Hi, if I am willing to learn how to trade binary option and make long-term profit,
    what e-books or online courses do you recommend?


  3. Traded with nb-international for a year, they shut their site down on04/03/2019.
    I lost every thing. Thank oliver.

  4. Hi John hope your day is trading well 🙂 . Do you have any info on bitcoin wealth recently purchased by Elon Musk (supposedly).
    regards Gordon

  5. Good morning to you John Novak, i do hope that you are not john KANE in disguise. well i am new to your website after coming across this site via search engine, i am also new to binary options, and i am here apparently because it provides fantastic returns on investment.

    I have been to john kane’s binary today website and honestly am very blown away by what i saw, $20k to $30k a month income using the systems he promotes.

    So here i am today, i would like to ask if any of the following systems he advocates TRULY produces results, and have you actually tried it yourself ?

    -BINARY TODAY TRADE ASSISTANT/TREND DETECTOR (i believe this can be found on binary today website)

    i will need to ask you these because me and my friends wanted to purchase it to make some good money also. but before that we are doing our due diligence first.


    from Singapore

  6. Hi John. Wow, just wow. I read a review about Binary Strategy (binarystrategy.org) and now I feel it’s a scam. It was being promoted by binarytoday.com although, it does not give overly outrageous claims of 80-90% win success, it says about 73%. Please is it a scam? Also, do you recommend any signals providers with a not so bad ITM rate of about 70%?

  7. Hi,

    I don’t think so, because scambroker.com is mentioned for many brokers as scams. For example, this is what they said on binary cent ((When reviewing BinaryCent, we see that they have a license in Vanuatu. You can compare all licensed brokers by looking here.)). One of the example for negative reviewe on Binary Robot 365 Review, they said ((Their software is integrated with more than 10 binary options brokers, but a smart investor will only trade with a European or Australian licensed broker))
    This is always their recommend (( We only recommend trading with a licensed and regulated broker.))
    They NOT push the people to work with them, they only investigate and give advice clearly.

    I think you should carefully read and investigate what other people said BEFORE you said something could NOT the fact.



    1. Jack, in the past I have seen Scambroker promoting several scam robots. For example now they promote the FX Master Bot scam. That’s how these fake review websites work, they expose some scams to gain credibility, but then they endorse some other scams to make money.

      By the way, a licence in Vanuatu means nothing, no real protection, no insurance of funds etc. And a Vanuatu licence doesn’t allow a broker to provide services in the US, EU, Australia etc.

  8. Hi again

    I saw that you were talking (negative) already about Binary Cent is scam…………. but I see this website scambroker.com/?s=Binary+cent said positive things about them. Can you explain please why?


  9. Hi

    Do you have any information about (BinBotPro)? What about the three brokers working with this software please? Are those scams and cannot trust or work with them please?

    Best regards,


  10. HI,I am Afrodita Frata from Bucharest ,Romania. If the FCA has warned about scam binary options company why the authorities didn’t close them and gave back the money those who lost with this agencies.

    1. Hi, it is a regulated broker, but as you say, fairly new, we have no feedback about them so far.

  11. Hi John, is TradeKing a registered broker in US. However, can you please recommend one here in UK for me since I live in London, UK. Thanks

    1. Hi, TradeKing is regulated in the US. But you can’t trade binary options with them. In the UK there is a few regulated binary options brokers like ETX Capital and IG. But you can use any EU regulated broker. So if you want a free demo, you can use IQ Option.

  12. Hi John i have been reading your reviews and i get intrigued.I am also new to this binary options and want to know more.I am from Nigeria.Any registered broker in this part of the world? What do you think about BOSS CAPITAL are also regulated?

    1. Hi, Boss Capital is not regulated. I don’t know about any regulated binary options near you. I would go for an EU or Australia regulated broker.

  13. I am with High Low and really like them. No dodgy people ringing me at all hours of the day allegedly trying to help. Demo platform is great. I use it a lot for testing before investing. Best of all is they are regulated by Australian Investment Securities Commission so I have peace of mind. I am in NZ so I am a lot more comfortable with my money closer to home. No strings attached to $50 bonus. I have thoroughly read their T&C and found no fish hooks to withdrawing.

  14. Hi John. Thank you for your honest review about trading systems. I have finally accepted there are no auto trading systems that work. However I am still intrigued to give any trading signals ago. Have you found any that are worth checking out? I will use them on a demo account to see how they do. Thanks.

    1. Hi Gavin I am testing a strategy developed BillyK. You need to have MT4 and BillyK has done all the hard work. It does give really good indicators and you choose to take the trade. You have to be patient and choose when it is a good to trade,ie you can see a good trend. Give it a go in demo. The developer is a full time trader and I havent found any negative reviews if that helps.

  15. HI John,

    Your time and research is greatly appreciated, thank you for your hard work to help bring out the truth.

    I recently came across one company and software call Altredo, and it appears they have an auto trading software that is compatible with Nadex, which is the first of its kind that I have come across. They also appear to have a number of other professional trading programs all of which you have to actually purchase. It seems like this might actually be legitimate, I would appreciate your thorough review and investigation.

    Thank you for your time,

    1. Altredo offers:
      – Binary Options Auto Trader with 300% profit per month
      – Binary Options Prediction Indicator with a 90% accuracy
      – Forex Trading Robot with 250 % profit per month

      This is all I need to see to know that Altredo is a scam.

      Just one of these apps would make you a millionaire within 7 months with a starting capital of $1,000. And the price of the app is $360. I mean seriously…

  16. Hi Admin

    do you know if neo2 and copybuffet are any good or are they also just scams?

    Kind Regards

  17. hi admin thx for your helpful site.

    you said that there is not any bnary option robot that can make money for you.

    But what about those claims like cofee buffet, code fibo or virnext or neo2. those are not good and scams robots?
    They all are presented on Jasmine Steeve blog claiming that she is for the good of saving people being scam.
    You can see all these reviews on Qiumtup Binary Option Signal

    Thankx for your reply.


    1. Hi, Quintup is a scam website, Jasmine gets paid for promoting scams. She expose some of them to make her site look legit, meanwhile she promotes some other scams with affiliate links.

  18. Hi,
    It’s me again. The newest software being promoted for trading binary options is called Code Fibo. All the review sites are giving this software 5 star rating! Have you had an opportunity to check it out yet? The review sites all have links to Code Fibo. One or two sites now have Code Fibo listed as the #1 software for trading binary options, even superior to Copy Buffett, they claim.

  19. Hi, I wonder if you can recommend where I can learn strategies for trading binaries. You mention ‘flipping on support and resistance levels’. Where can I go to learn more?

  20. Really pleased I’ve found this website amongst the huge mass of scam sites. I have been looking at a lot of these sites but I could tell they were part of the binary options scam game because of their affiliate links, moderated comments etc. The fact that you don’t recommend ANY auto-traders and don’t use affiliate links made me realise that yours is the only genuine website I’ve found so far so thank you and well done for not being a greedy, corrupt scumbag.

    One question for you; have you seen the Tradeo “Social Trading” platform and if so what is your opinion on it? It appears to be a properly licensed and regulated broker (by CySEC) but beyond that I can’t tell if it is a safe broker to start trading with?

      1. Wow thanks for the quick response. Very smart, I believe they do require a minimum deposit of $200 so looks like another one to be avoided! Thanks again

      1. You are right these guys always get this fantastic results .But when you try it its not that way. Also there is never no support on this auto traders.I had problems with more than one. 50 emails later nothing. I am a client of option Expert that’s bullshit too most of it is luck also. Very costly the program.They promise you 81 % when you pay to unlock the software. The trends turn a 180 after you put a trade in.The success for me is 40% Things change in the last 30 seconds sometimes on the trade.

  21. Hi, I know nadex is a legit binary broker in the U.S. What about Markets World and Porter Finance ? How good are they? Would you recommend using them? Thanks!

    1. Hi, none of them is regulated anywhere as a broker (Marketsworld is regulated as a gambling company only). So I would not recommend using them.

        1. Yes it is. You said you knew it is, so I was talking about Porter Finance and Markets World. From these two I cannot recommend any. But Nadex is regulated, so Nadex is good.

  22. Any thoughts on OptionKing based in the Grenadines? I stumbled across them when I got snookered into the FastCash.biz scam. Thanks.

    1. Hi, I recommend using regulated brokers only. And regulated in countries with a strong financial regulation, like the EU, Australia or the US for example.

  23. Great site, you have a recommended broker for USA clients that meet the criteria you state should be required for safety of assets?

  24. Hi, i am very new to this kind of trade, can i trade from anywhere in the world or should i register with local traders only. i want to understand how will i be able to deposit and withdraw money if i’m registered with a global trader.

    1. Hi, you should register with a broker that has a licence for your country. It can be a foreign broker, but it should be authorised by authorities in your country.

  25. Thanks for the information. I listened to the video and got lots of signals that it’s not real, and then google lead me to you. You saved me bucks! I want to trade and earn. I am teachable but the scams are costly.

  26. How do you trade flips on support and resistance levels? Any website that you recommend to learn your technique?

    1. Hi, I don’t know ftrade.com personally, but as it is a broker that is not regulated, I would not recommend it.

  27. how do you trade?

    are there any websites that you recommend? Are there any sites which don’t have such high deposits required?

  28. Dear Admin,

    I am new to this business so don,t know much about it. There are some software like option navigator , makemoneyrobot etc. who are claiming to give profit in binary trading. Is this true!!!

    Kindly let me know.

    Ajit Singh

    1. Hi Ajit, unfortunately those systems don’t work. The only way to make money on binary options is to trade on your own.

  29. I like the helpful information you provide to your articles.

    I’ll bookmark your blog and take a look at again right here
    regularly. I’m quite certain I’ll learn lots of new stuff right right here!

    Good luck for the following!

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