ABSURD SCAM: Forex Steam review

Forex Steam reviewThis Forex Steam review proves that this Forex trading system is a scam that you should stay away from.

ForexSteam is a robot that can trade Forex markets for you. It works on autopilot and allegedly wins over 90% of trades. This could make you hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Yet, the Forex Steam robot cost only $117.99. Does it add up?

Forex Steam scam

There obviously is something that does not add up. Nobody sane will sell a trading system that made him millions of dollars for $118, will they? It makes zero sense.

Fake ForexSteam testimonials

Forex Steam testimonialThere is one thing that allows us to easily proove that ForexSteam is a scam. We checked the reviews and testimonials on its website and we found out that they are blatantly fake.

Look at our picture and you will see that for this Forex Steam testimonial they used the photo of the actress Kate Hudson! You really cannot be more fake than that.

Unverified results

Fake profitsForex Steam supposedly has a 10-year history of positive results, but these claims are unfounded. With 10 years of profits they claim to have the owners of the system would already be billionaires. And still selling their system for $118…

They show you some statements on mt4live.com, but according to our research you can post anything you want this way.

Plus, Forex Steam admits that some of the results they show you are just back tests and simulations. They even say their results required some manual intervention, so not something you could replicate by running a Metatrader script. There certainly is not a 10-year history of profitable live trades.

Should this robot really be the best in the world like they say, there would be plenty of Forex Steam reviews in renowned media, but there is nothing, no professional traders mention it etc.

Illegal robot

The robotAnd there is also the fact that Forex Steam is an anonymous product, although every trading robot is an investment services that needs to be licensed by financial regulators.

You can check it with the financial regulator in your country, Forex Steam is an illegal investment service.

Forex Steam review conclusion

Forex Steam is a scam, an illegal robot that you should not buy if you don’t want to lose money.

There are no free or cheap robots that will make you a millionaire, profitable trading is a skill that you have to learn. You can start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Don’t start trading with real money until you have a profitable strategy and a solid understanding of the risks.

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