ALARM! Rio is a SCAM, review

Rio websiteRead this review to see proofs that Rio is a scam that abuses binary options. It is presented by Andrew Reynolds.

Reynolds says that his Rio Holdings can pay you more than $4,000 per day just for taking part in the Rio Dream Survey. The Rio App can allegedly make you $237 per hour.

And all this is for free, so you can earn millions for free. Or not, because…

Rio is a scam

ComparisonThe sad truth is that Rio Profits is a scam and Reynolds a big liar. In fact Reynold’s role is played by an actor who tells you a fairy tale.

When we first saw the Rio page, it seemed very familiar. Indeed, we have seen the exact same website with the Tesler scam.

Andrew ReynoldsLook at the picture and you will see that it is literally the same, scammers have just changed the video.

So Rio is just the Tesler scam recycled.


ReviewsRio Profits also uses the same fake testimonials. We have already proved that none of those reviews is real.

People shown on the photos have nothing to do with this program. They have never used it, let alone made a single cent with it.

Check the picture to see a proof.

Scam software

The softwareAnother proof that Rio is a trading scam is the app itself. They will give you access to a software that has been developed and is used by scammers only.

We know this software very well, it has been used by a lot of other scams like Omnia, Delta App or Lazy Trader. See it on the picture on the right.

The truth

So how does Rio Profits really work? The first thing you should know is that it’s not free. They won’t allow you to use their trading app until you deposit money with an unregulated broker of their choice.

The reason is that they are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositors. This is the real purpose of the Rio App.

This is why they cannot let you try the software before you deposit, because you would see that it is a scam before they get their commission.


Rio is a dirty scam that will make you deposit and lose money with an unregulated broker.

If you want to earn money with binary options, open a free demo account with a regulated broker and start learning.

Build a profitable strategy and start trading with real money only when your strategy is proven to work in the long term.

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