ALARMING SCAM: Legion Trade review

Legion Trade official websiteBeware, the investment program Legion Trade is a scam that you should not put your money into.

Legion Trade is presented as an investment program that will reward you with daily returns up to 10% with no risk. Also, there supposedly is an insurance fund to cover potential problems.

Can you really make 300% per month with this program?

Legion Trade is a scam

Ridiculous investment plansWe hope that the majority of people know this, but let us repeat this once again, 10% per day or any similar number is absolutely ridiculous and a proof of scam. No legitimate business can achieve these returns, it is impossible in the real economy.

Yes, identifying this kind of scam is that simple, when you see these returns, you know that you are dealing with a scam, there is no other possibility.

Fake company

Non authorized companyThe typical trick that these scammers use is a fresh company registration from the UK. Legion Trade has one, but it means nothing.

As you can see on our picture, Legion Trade is not authorized by the FCA to provide investment services, so it is operating illegally.

How it works

Scams like Legion Tarde are often based on the infamous Ponzi scheme. They collect money and they might use some of the deposits to pay out early profits.

But such a scheme can always work for a limited time only, since no real values or profits are created, only the same money is being redistributed, so they always fail in the end.


Legion Trade is a scam, you have to stay away from it to spare your money!

It is possible to make money in financial trading, but it requires skills that you have to learn. You can try it on a free demo account.

And never forget that trading is never without the risk of losing money, so be careful.

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