ALERT: Legal Profit is a SCAM – review

Legal Profit websiteThis review is a warning, Legal Profit is a scam that abuses binary options to make you lose money. It is presented by James D. Davis.

Legal Profit is an automated binary options trading software. It means that it generates trading signals and it executes them for you. The algorithm is called Radar System.

These signals are allegedly profitable (600% in one day!), so Legal Profit is supposed to make you money in trading. And because Legal Profit is a free software, it is supposed to make you money for free.

Legal Profit scam

The sad truth is that Legal Profit is a total scam. This software is made to take your money and lose it in trading. There is no real trading strategy. This app has a hidden purpose that we will explain later in this review.

Losing software

The software robotWe have reviewed hundreds of binary options scams, so when we see a scam software, we immediately know what is going on. And it is precisely the case of Legal Profit.

There is absolutely nothing unique about the Legal Profit software, it is not based on any special algorithm. It is based on scam software that has been around for years, it has been used by dozens of scams.

Look at our picture to see a few examples of other scam based on the same app, like Tera App, Hydra App and Fintech Profits.

Because this software is offered by so many scams, we have a lot of feedback about it from real users. And they all say that this app is losing money in real trading!

How it really works

So what is the hidden purpose of Legal Profit? To make you open an account and deposit money with an affiliated and unregulated broker. Why? Because scammers who run this program get paid by this broker for referring new depositors. That’s all.

This is why the Legal Profit app won’t be activated before you deposit money with the broker. Scammers don’t want you to see that their software is worthless before they get paid their commission.


Legal Profit is a simple scam that abuses binary options to lose your money. Stay away from it!

If you want to try binary options trading risk free to see how it really works, open a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the demo you will see how you can really earn money in trading if you manage to build a profitable strategy.

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