Alpha Money Generator – review of a scam full of lies

In this review we are going to prove that “Alpha Money Generator” is a binary options scam. It is presented by Fabian Samuel.

Samuel says that he used to work for big financial corporations where he learned how to trade financial markets. He used his knowledge to create a program that can trade for you and allegedly make you big money, because it has a 94% success rate. It supposedly is used by big funds.

Now Samuel is offering his Alpha Money Generator for free for a limited time. He says that it is because he hopes to candidate to the European Parliament’s economic advisory board, so he needs to convince people about his credibility.

Alpha Money Generator is a scam

The presentation of Alpha Money Generator is full of lies, so it is very easy to prove that it is a binary options scam.

Fabian Samuel

Fabian Samuel
Samuel or Cahill? A scammer.

In the presentation you can see the guy presenting himself as Fabian Samuel, although in the text on the web page you can also read Florian Samuel. So obviously scammers forgot what the name of their fictitious character is.

But it is very easy to prove that this is a scammer, because we’ve seen playing him different roles in other scams. For example he played the role of Anthony Cahill in Certified Income, see the image on the right.

Fake testimonials

Another famous scammer.

Testimonials shown in the Alpha Money Generator video are made with paid actors and reviews shown on the web site are fake too.

Take the guy on the right for example. He played the role of one of the founders of the Gold Trade Microsystem scam. Now he says he is an ordinary guy making money with Alpha Money Generator. We know it is a scammer.

Fake certificate

So Luxembourg or Switzerland?
So Luxembourg or Switzerland?

On the Alpha Money Generator web site you can see a Certificate of Incorporation, but this is such a poor fake… First of all you can read that the company is based in Switzerland, but on the certificate you can read Luxembourg.

Don’t scammers know that Luxembourg and Switzerland are two different countries? To be sure we checked registers in both countries and found  no trace of Alpha Money Generator whatsoever.

Fake article

Article that never was.

Another fake is the article in Der Spiegel which is about Fabian Samuel and his Alpha Money Generator.

The screenshot has been faked, because Der Spiegel has never published anything about Fabian Samuel.

You can check it on Der Spiegel web site.


Alpha Money Generator is a binary options scam. If you sign up, you will have to deposit at least $250, so you will be risking your money. And if you trade with their app, you will lose this money.

Nobody will make you money on binary options for free. People who knows to trade, trade for themselves and make money, they don’t share it. If you want to see how binary options trading really works and if you could learn it too, try a free demo account.

On a demo you can test, play and learn. Trade with real money only if you can trade profitably on a demo first.

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