AMF warns against 15 new crypto investing projects

The French regulator AMF has identified 15 new crypto projects that are acting illegally.

Cryptocurrencies per se are not regulated, but investments services are, no matter the underlying asset. So, if anybody offers investing in cryptocurrencies, they need a licence.

And this is precisely the problem of the following crypto projects, they are not regulated, yet they offer investing. Not only that, they also don’t mention risks associated with investing and often offer fake guarantees of profits.

The projects are:

  • AKJ Crypto – (not to be confused with
  • Bank Crypto –
  • Bcoin Bank –
  • Bit Crypto –
  • Bourse Bitcoin –
  • Crypteo –
  • Crypto Bank Web –
  • Crypto Major –
  • Crypto Partners Invest –
  • BND Group –
  • Private Finances –
  • ECS Solutions –
  • Ether Invest –
  • Kraken Access –
  • Mined Crypto –

If you are really interested in cryptocurrency trading or investing, first learn how it all works and understand all the risks. And trade with regulated brokers/exchanges only.

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  1. Note: Do not mistake AKJ Crypto plc ( for the ilegally operating mentioned here. The former is a legit business offering a Crypto Hedge Fund Platform, the latter is a scam trying to benefit from association with the legitimate AKJ Group.

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