AMF warns against 21 new investment websites

The French regulator Autorité des Marchés Financiers has warned the public about new non-regulated investment projects.

The latest black list contains websites that offer investments into cryptocurrencies, but also in diverse commodities such as wine.

The non-regulated services are:

  • Achat Bitcoin:
  • Acheter du Bitcoin:
  • ADG Placement:
  • Bitnexx:
  • Buy Bitcoin:
  • Crypto France:
  • Cryptos Maker:
  • Eminage:
  • Good Coin:
  • Infos Crypto:
  • Investir Vin:
  • Les Grands Crus:
  • Netcoin Place:
  • Patrimoine Vin:
  • Prestige Vin:
  • Rachat Bitcoin:
  • STI Metal:
  • Tout sur le Bitcoin:
  • Versatis Coin:
  • Vino Capital:
  • Vinsimo:

For your trading use regulated brokers only.