AMF warns against Binarymate, FinRally a Barclays Trading Invest

The French financial regulator AMF has added three binary options brokers to its blacklist.

The latest additions are BinaryMate, FinRally and Barclays Trading Invest.

Barclays Trading Invest claims to be based in London, but it certainly is not regulated by the FCA.

BinaryMate claims to be regulated, but it certainly is not. BinaryMate and FinRally don’t even provide a contact address, they are completely anonymous.

BinaryMate, FinRally and Barclays Trading Invest have no licence whatsoever, they are not regulated, therefore they can’t provide their services in any country that regulates binary options trading.

2 thoughts on “AMF warns against Binarymate, FinRally a Barclays Trading Invest

  1. I am a Forex and options trader for almost 5 years, and this is the horrible experience ever of a real trader.

    Mainly I do forex and a long term investing, yet some time to time I like to do options too, applying my experience in the field of options, it is well giving a result of 85 profitable deals. I do test many trading and brokers platforms, came across this rubbish Finrally and tried their service, I deposited using BTC, I noticed some delay on the execution of most of my deals, then i decided to go even further and executed more trades and it shows always on different entries,. The trade I was expecting it goes on the correct direction on the exact time haven’t been happened correctly, I was looking where is the green mark of my call trade on their chart for almost 5 seconds!!! WTF. that bad designed website is another story too. They ripped off 264 euros from me and they only said that maybe it is from my side and internet is slow, and that clients face same issue, that’s mean all people have to go through what i went through right? While I live in The Netherlands and i got perfect connection and a Mac book of 2017. So funny they are lol. After contacting them they said the bla bla words that they are saint and there is no delay time or manipulation. Be aware of them I made profit of 64 euros and when i tested to withdraw, they said to me I have to make a turnover of 240 euros or i have to pay the a commission of 20% ???? That was not stated anywhere when registering with this scams. That’s why they do it this way to make sure the money stays with them.

    I am glad to submit this review that comes with a relief to my shoulders as a trader, to warn other possible poor victims, lucky I am this loss won’t effect me anyhow, but maybe others will be tough on them. So save your money, you want the truth? The thieves are Finrally.

  2. oh i see ,um well i know that address for thoses 3 sites there from an island near south africa . nobody knows why theres a brownette girl working if its address is in the south aftrica island ??

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