ANOTHER SCAM: 1000 Bitcoin Robot review

1000 Bitcoin Robot reviewIn this review we show that 1000 Bitcoin Robot is a scam that you should not buy.

1000 Bitcoin Robot is a system that will tell you when you should buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It also is a guide that will allegedly teach you everything you need to know to trade cryptocurrencies.

The robot was allegedly able to make 600% in one year, which means multiplying the trading capital by six when risking only 1.5% per position. Really?

1000 Bitcoin Robot scam

Unfortunately, 1000 Bitcoin Robot is just another scam full of lies. Here are the proofs.

Fake performance

Fake performanceScammers will often make up their trading results, and this is precisely the case of 1000 Bitcoin Robot. You have to read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page to learn that all the figures they show you are not real trading results.

Some are results of a backtest, which is not a reliable way to know if a trading system is profitable or not. Moreover, it is easy to optimize a system for a certain period of time to make it look good, meanwhile in the future it won’t be profitable.

And of course, the results are not verified by anybody, since they are hypothetical.

Fake reviews

Fake ratingThe 1000 Bitcoin Robot shows a 5-star rating from, but when you look at, you will see that it has zero users reviews!

Who knows where they took their 5 stars from, but certainly not from real users. So, it is a misleading information about ratings.

Illegal investment advice

1000 Bitcoin Robot wants to teach you how to trade and provide you with trading signals. This is the definition of investment advice, which is a regulated activity that you need a licence for.

However, 1000 Bitcoin Robot is totally anonymous and not regulated, which means that it cannot be offered legally in most countries in this world.


Stay away from 1000 Bitcoin Robot, because it is full of misleading information, it is not proven to work.

A system that costs a few dollars won’t make you rich, that’s the truth. To make money in crypto trading you have to do your homework, learn and test until you build your own profitable strategy. You can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

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