ANOTHER SCAM: Canopy Trader review

Canopy Trader reviewIn this Canopy Trader review we expose a horrible investment scam that you should certainly avoid.

Canopy Trader is an app that allows you to trade cannabis stocks. It suggests that you should trade Canopy Growth as one of the biggest companies in the industry.

The website of the program shows a list of last trades and there are only winners, which suggest that Canopy Trader is highly profitable. But is it really?

Canopy Trader scam

Canopy Growth stock priceIn all honesty Canopy Trader is a scam. Lately we have seen many scams that are trying to persuade you that investing in cannabis stocks is the best thing to do, but they use many lies.

Take the example of the company Canopy Growth which is referenced in this but has nothing to do with it. On our picture you will see that its stock has lost value last year. Therefore, it is not true that cannabis stocks are a sure investment that can only go up.

Cloned scam

Besides the obvious fact that we just have laid down, there is also the Canopy Trader scam software that does not even try to make profitable trades. It was designed to lose money and we know it, because only scams use it and there are many of them.

Check our picture to see that for example Aphria Trader is exactly the same scam.

Canopy Trader scamPlus, the software is very dangerous, because it has a testing mode that works perfectly, but with a dirty little secret. The demo uses fake prices, so all the profits it will show you are fake.

Thanks to testimonials from real users we know that this trading software is a losing one.

How they scam you

As with all the investment scams of this type Canopy Trader is not free. They will ask you to deposit at least $250 with a broker of their choice, which will be unregulated and dirty.

And this is how they get your money, the broker will share all the stolen money from people who were referred by the Canopy Trader scam.

Canopy Trader review conclusion

Canopy Trader is a sure scam, it just wants your money and it uses lie to get it. Don’t trust it.

If you are interested in making money in financial trading, just go for a free demo account with a regulated broker and try everything with virtual money first.

You will be able to see how it works and if you could potentially succeed in trading with real money.

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