ANOTHER SCAM – Confirmed Profits review

Confirmed Profits scamIn this Confirmed Profits review you’ll learn why you should avoid this binary options scam.

A certain Ted tells us in the Confirmed Profits presentation that he has an automated binary options trading algorithm that has an 85 % win rate.

It allegedly can earn you an extra $15,000 per month completely on autopilot.

As hundreds of other programs that earn money it is completely free, so you can get it immediately.

Confirmed Profits scam

Fake resultsThe ConPro website is full of fake testimonials with paid actors and this program is a scam. The story you are told about this miraculous trading software is just one big lie.

There is a lot of proofs, but let’s have a look at just one. Check the picture on the right, you can see that dates of last trades are one year old. What happened during that year? Nothing?

It is not even worth discussing, because these results are fake. No independent third party has verified them.

Not Free

Confirmed Profits softwareNow let’s explain how does Confirmed Profits work. Scammers are affiliated with the broker Opteck that pays them for referring new depositors.

This is why they made up their story about a profitable software, in order to make you deposit with their broker they need you to believe that they can make you money, but they can’t.

In fact the opposite will happen, they will push you to deposit and after that Confirmed Profits will lose your deposit on autopilot.

Look at the picture, this same software has been used by many scam like Freedom Circle and Profit Maximizer. It is alarming how many binary options scams are now tied with Opteck, the broker must know about them which makes him an accomplice.


Confirmed Profits 2016 is a scam designed to make you deposit and lose money with Opteck, so stay away from it.

Serious brokers offer a free demo account where you can try binary options trading to see how profitable you can really be.

For that you need a real strategy, not a scam program.

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