ASIC warns against 72 Option and a clone of London Capital Group

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has placed 72option and a clone of LC Group on its blacklist.

According to the ASIC, 72 Option is trying to get customers in Australia, although it is not regulated, it does’t have the necessary licence.

Therefore ASIC published warning against 72 Option. This broker is not regulated at all.

The second warning is about an illegal clone of the regulated broker London Capital Group ( The illegal clone is based at and and it has nothing to do with the regulated company.

3 thoughts on “ASIC warns against 72 Option and a clone of London Capital Group

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    1. These are all lies, Microsoft has nothing to do with Bitcoin Trader or Trade Capital. The article is fake. Bitcoin Revolution is a scam. Trade Capital is a scam, it has no offices in Switzerland.

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