ATTENTION, SCAM: Gains Systems review

Gains Systems reviewIn this Gains System review you will learn why you have to stay away from this investment program.

Gains Systems is a Hong Kong company that allegedly is developing trading systems based on artificial intelligence. These trading systems supposedly generate 3% returns on business days and 1.5% return on weekend days.

The returns are said to be stable and guaranteed every day. Is something like that possible?

Gains Systems scam

Gains Systems testimonialUnfortunately, no trading system can guaranteed daily returns, nor weekly or monthly returns, financial markets are just not consistent and predictable enough. That’s the reality.

So, when somebody is offering you stable daily returns from investing, you can be sure there is something fishy going on.

Now, let’s look at the numbers, 3% on weekdays and 1.5% on weekend days mean more than 75% per month. This number is so high that it is a confirmation that Gains Systems is a scam, there just is not any other possibility.

The world’s best investment fund cannot do 75% in a year on a consistent basis, doing this every month is just pure fiction.

Illegal investment offer

Gains Systems companyAnother aspect to consider in this Gains Systems review is the legal one. There is a company called Gains Systems registered in Hong Kong, however it is not authorized to provide investment services.

As you can see on our picture, the Securities and Futures Commission knows nothing about Gains Systems, which means that the company is not regulated and cannot provide investment services.

Simply put, Gains Systems is an illegal investment offer.

Gains Systems review conclusion

Gains Systems is a scam that just cannot deliver the returns it promises, it is an illegal investment scheme, stay away from it!

If you want to try real investing to see if you could make money in it, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

If you decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks and use only money that you can afford to lose.

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