AUTOMATIC SCAM: Roboforex Online review

This RoboForex Online (RBX Online) review shows why you should not invest in this program.

Roboforex Online reviewRoboForex Online is an investment service that claims that it can make you money thanks to its Forex robots. These robots allegedly are automated strategies from real traders.

Currently there are four investment plans with returns as high as 10% per day for 45 days. Is this a scam?

Roboforex Online scam

Investment plans are scamOf course, Roboforex Online is a scam. The only thing you need to do to understand this is simple math.

They claim you will receive 10% daily, which means 300% per month. This is a number that even the best world’s investments funds won’t achieve in one year. So, an anonymous service like RBX Online will certainly not achieve it in one month.

You just have to compare the offer with reality to see that it must be a scam, there absolutely is no other way.

Illegal service

Another thing worth noticing in this Roboforex Online review is that this service is not only anonymous, but also not regulated at all. Which in itself is fraud. Let us explain why.

Roboforex Online supposedly is a company located in the UK. And UK’s laws require investment firms to be regulated, to be authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority.

But Roboforex Online is not authorized by any regulator in the world, therefore it is an illegal investment service.

The ramifications are clear, if you invest money with this robot, it won’t be protected and nobody will be able to help you in case of problems.

And you can bet that there will be problems, since it is a scam that probably works as a Ponzi scheme. Which means that it is only a matter of time before money in the system disappears and people are left empty-handed.

Roboforex Online conclusion

Roboforex Online is a total scam that will last only for a very limited period of time, stay away from it!

Forex trading is not easy, you have to prepare a solid strategy, which you can try on a demo account, and you have to have an understanding of the risks before investing real money.

Forget about robots that will make you hundreds of percent per month, they all are scams.

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