AVOIDABLE SCAM: Dorrix review

Dorrix reviewIn this review you will learn how you can easily avoid being scammed by Dorrix.

Dorrix is an investment program that is focused on cryptocurrencies. The company Dorrix Limited offers several investment programs, the best being 500% on your investment after 60 days, in other words 250% per month.

Is this a real investment program?

Dorrix scam

Dorix testimonialNo, Dorrix is not a real investment program. And you should know it, because 2% daily, 250% per month or anything like that is just impossible in the real world.

When somebody is offering you something impossible, it must be a scam, unfortunately there is no other way.

Dorrix is a scam, Ponzi type, which basically means an illegal financial game. Money that is deposited into the system is just partly redistributed until the system fails and everybody notices that there is no money left in it. Since they do no real economic activity, this outcome is inevitable.

No licence

Dorrix LimitedDorrix Limited tries to look legitimate by showing you a company registration from the United Kingdom. But it is only a tax registration that is not even one month old.

The main thing is that in order to be able to offer investment services legally in the UK, you need a licence from the financial conduct authority.

But as you can see on our picture, Dorrix Limited is not registered with the FCA, therefore it is acting illegally.


Dorrix is a scam that will quickly run out of steam and collapse, don’t put your money into it!

If you want to make money in cryptocurrency trading, see first on a free demo with a regulated broker how it works.

You can try trading with virtual money to see if you can trade profitably, only then you can think about investing real money.

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