AWFUL SCAM: Auto Money Maker review

automoneymakerThis Auto Money Maker review proves that it is a binary options scam made to lose your money. It is presented by Arthur McCool.

McCool claims that Auto Money Maker is a binary options trading software that can make $2765 per day. It works completely on autopilot, so you don’t have to learn anything.

And as usually money is free, so you can get Auto Money Maker for free.

Auto Money Maker scam

arthur-mccoolArthur McCool is a scam artist. In fact it is a fictitious character that has already been used in the Auto Money Machine scam.

The proof is on the image. As you can see, the Auto Money Maker scam exist in several language versions. Here you see the English and German versions. And in the German version you hear the exact same story, except that this time the name is Harald Lauch.


testimonial2The Auto Money Maker contains a lot of testimonials and reviews, but they are all fake.

Let’s start with the video. All the testimonials were made with paid actors.

Look at the first picture on the right, you can see that this guy is a Fiverr actor. Anybody can buy a testimonial from him for five dollars. Meanwhile it is not the first time we see him supporting a scam.

testimonialLet’s continue with photos. These testimonials are also fake. Scammers have used stock photos.

Look at the second picture. The photo of this guy has been cut out of a stock photo, it has nothing to do with real user experience.

How it really works

depositSo how does Auto Money Maker really work? It is very simple, the basic principle is the same as with every other scam out there that abuses binary options.

People who created this program are affiliated with some brokers, so they get paid for sending new depositing clients to these brokers.

In this case they send you to Binary Tilt, you won’t be able to use Auto Money Maker until you deposit with this broker. This is how scammers make sure that you don’t discover that their software is losing money before they get their commission.

So don’t do it, don’t deposit and don’t trade with Auto Money Maker, the software cannot trade profitably.


Auto Money Maker is a rude scam that will lose your money if you trade with it. So stay away from it!

You see, you can make money with binary options, but you first have to learn trading manually on a demo account.

Only when you can trade profitably with virtual money you can start investing real money for real profits. And forget about free money making binary options robots, they do not exist!

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