AWFUL SCAM: BTC News Trader review

BTC News TraderThis review explains why BTC News Trader is a scam that you should not get involved with.

BTC News Trader is supposed to be a cryptocurrency trading signal service. This means that it will provide you with information about which cryptocurrencies to trade and how. Everything is based on analysis of news.

The trading signals allegedly are profitable and can make you a millionaire. For how much? For free, because BTC News Trader is free. Really?

BTC News Trader scam

The truth is that BTC News Trader is a scam. It is a cloned scam, we have already seen and reviewed it when it was called Bitcoin News Trader.

In reality there is no team of experts, no news or any other analysis. The trading signals are generated more or less randomly and are not profitable!

Fake testimonials

Reviews are fakeOn the BTC News Trader website you will find stories about people who are allegedly making money with this system. There is also a stream of allegedly live trading results.

But everything is fake. Depending on where you access the website from, you will see different names under the same photos, see an example on our picture. This proves that the testimonials and reviews of BTC News Trader are fake.

How it really works

How they get your moneyYou see, BTC News Trader is not free. Because the first thing you will have to do is to deposit money with a selected unregulated broker, like Wise Banc or Prime CFDs.

This is because people who run this scam are paid by these brokers for referring new depositing customers. That’s how it all works.

Now you know that if you deposit with one of their brokers and trade with BTC News Trader, you will lose your money.


BTC News Trader is a scam designed to make you lose money with a crappy broker. Stay away from it!

Nobody will make you money in trading for free. To succeed, you have to learn, test and build a profitable strategy for yourself. You can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Remember that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful.

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