AWFUL SCAM: Crypto Legacy Pro review

Thanks to our Crypto Legacy Pro review you will understand that this investment program is a scam.

Crypto Legacy Pro reviewCrypto Legacy Pro says that cryptocurrencies have been doing a comeback in the recent weeks and that their prices are rising again.

The program will provide you with free trading signals that allegedly will make you capitalize on this growth and earn $2000 per week in average, which is more than $8000 per month. How does it sound?

Crypto Legacy Pro is a scam

Crypto pricesWe are sure that the idea of free profitable signals sounds good, unfortunately it is very unreal. Crypto Legacy Pro is a scam that will make you lose money, it was designed to do just that.

It is a simple evolution of scams like Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Storm or Bitcoin Superstar. They all are the same. They have no profitable trading signals, they have no profitable trading system, nothing.

All they have is the will to scam you and take your money, and they will use all sorts of lies to achieve it.

The first thing you should notice is that cryptocurrencies have not been going up in recent days and weeks, so this is the first lie Crypto Legacy Pro is telling you.

Another lie is that their signals, or any signals for that matter, can make you $2000 from $250 in just one week. It can happen once in a while, but it would be more luck than anything else, it certainly is not doable on a regular basis.

Testimonials about Crypto Legacy Pro

Testimonials are not genuineCrypto Legacy Pro is showing trading results of its alleged clients, but everything is fake. Have a look at our picture to see the proof.

We have compared the testimonials from the English and French versions of this program, and as you can see, same faces, same numbers, but the names change. It couldn’t be more obvious.

Results of signals tradingYou will also see a table with alleged live results from trading the signals they provide, but again, everything is fake.

You can see it just by looking at the cryptocurrency pairs traded, no exchange or broker offer some of these pairs.

The truth

Finally, let us explain in this review how Crypto Legacy Pro really works. It’s sole purpose is to get your money. This is why the first thing they will push you to do is to deposit money with an unregulated broker they have partnered with.

Once you send them your money, it will be over, they will share it between them and claim that you lost it in trading. Then they will ask you for more deposits. So, don’t send them anything!


Crypto Legacy Pro is a clear scam, it just wants you to send money to a black hole, don’t do it!

If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, we suggest you start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You will get an account with virtual money to be able to test everything risk free. If later you decide to trade with real money, be sure to have a strategy and to understand the risks.

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