AWFUL SCAM: Lucrosa review

John LucrosaThis Lucrosa review contains proofs that it is a scam. It is presented by John Lucrosa.

Lucrosa claims that he will give you $600 just for watching his video. In his video he explains that with his trading software you can be making $7,000 per day or $210,000 per month.

And guess what, all this is free, so you can allegedly become a millionaire with Lucrosa for free.

Lucrosa scam

Let’s get real, Lucrosa Incorporated is a fictitious entity and John Lucrosa a fictitious character played by an actor. The story is pure fiction designed to scam money out of you. You will never see a single cent from Lucrosa, let alone $600 for watching the video.


Fake testimonialScams usually provide fake testimonials with paid actors and stock or stolen photos. And Lucrosa is no different. All the people you can see in the video are paid actors, none of them is a real user of the system.

Testimonials on the website are fake too. Look at the proof on the right. The photo of this woman has been stolen from the Daily Mail. It is being used by scammers frequently, it is not the first time we see it.


Lucrosa softwareIn our test we also had a look at the Lucrosa trading app that is supposed to trade your binary options account and make you money.

But what we saw was an app made and used by scammers only. Look at the picture, it has been used for example by the Tanaka Cargill or Quantum Code scams.

Each time it is exactly the same software, only logos and colours change. We know this software loses money in real trading, we have a lot of feedback about it from real users.

The reality

The truth is that Lucrosa is a simple scam that works like this: scammers who created it get paid by some unregulated brokers for referring new depositing clients.

So in order to make money they need you to deposit through their software with their broker. If you do it, scammers will earn an affiliate commission and you will lose your deposit in trading with their software.

Investing Guru

Update: Now the Lucrosa scam is being presented on the Investing Guru website. It is the same scam, only the background is different.


Let’s conclude this review of Lucrosa by saying that is a dangerous scam made to lose your money with a crappy software that has no real strategy.

A proper strategy is what you need to make real money with binary options. You can try to build one on a free demo account where you can trade with virtual money until you learn everything you need.

Only then you can start trading live with your own money.

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4 thoughts on “AWFUL SCAM: Lucrosa review

  1. Thanks for the info … saving me the head and heartache of knowing I’ve been ripped off thanks again …

  2. its a real shame that lucrosa is nothing but a scam , and your taking peoples hard earned money n nothing in the end for the client. dont u have a feeling for ripping off elderly n younger people. i will be posting ur company here in the usa to better business bureau for others know the truth maybe u can call them and u can rip them off. hope u get burned like ur doing to innocent people.

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