B SCAM: Crypto Pro review

Crypto Pro websiteIn today’s review we show that Crypto Pro is a scam that cannot be taken seriously.

Crypto Pro is supposed to be a trading solution for cryptocurrencies. It can trade cryptos like bitcoin or ether for you on autopilot.

The software is free. As you are supposed to let it trade with your money, the question is, whether it is profitable or losing?

Crypto Pro scam

Let us put it straight, stay away from Crypto Pro, because it is a scam that can only lose your money.

Fake team

The team is not realLet us start with the alleged team that is behind Crypto Pro. The team is fake, completely made up.

Take a look at our picture to see that scammers who run this program used stock photos to create the fictitious team.

Scam software

The software is used by scamsCrypto Pro is supposed to be a unique software created especially for crypto trading, but it is not true. It is a generic scam software that has been used by many scams for years.

Check our picture to see a few examples of other scams that run the same software: Crypto Robot, Crypto Storm and Rain Cloud Coin.

The demo of this software is a scam in itself, it uses fake price to generate fake results that would not happen in real trading.

From real users of this software we know that in real trading it is losing money!

How it really works

The real purpose of Crypto Pro is to make you deposit and lose money with an unregulated broker called TradeToro.

People who run CryptoPro are associated with TradeToro, they get paid for sending new victims to this broker.

This is why they will tell that in real mode the software can be used only with the broker they chose for you.


Crypto Pro is a scam designed to lose your money with an unlicensed broker. Stay away from it!

If you want to make money in crypto trading, you have to build your own strategy. You can try and do it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Don’t start trading with real money until you have your strategy fully tested and ready.