BIT ICO reviewIn this review you will learn that BIT ICO is an illegal investment program that is worth avoiding.

BIT ICO is presented as a company that it is involved in cryptocurrency trading and investing. It offers three investment plans to the public, you allegedly can earn up to 341% after 17 days, which means more than 600% per month.

Is BIT-ICO real?

BIT ICO scam

Illegal offerNo, unfortunately BIT ICO is not real, because it is a scam. As in most cases you just need to look at the numbers, 600% per month is absurd, no legitimate program can offer and most importantly deliver this kind of returns.

It is absolutely clear that BIT ICO is a scam, a Ponzi scheme that is just playing dirty games with deposits. There is no real business activity going on, just a redistribution of the deposits until the system collapses.

Fake company

Fake certificateBIT-ICO claims to be registered in Belize, but it is not true. Moreover, BIT ICO claims to be based in the U.S., so it would not make any sense for it to be registered in Belize.

In reality it is an anonymous entity created by scammers from who knows where. These anonymous scammers will just take your money and you will never be able to track them to get it back.

BIT ICO is an illegal investment service, since it is not registered nor licensed anywhere in the world.


BIT ICO is a scam, it is made to collect money from people and disappear. Stay away from it!

If you want to try genuine crypto trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

This way you can learn and understand how trading works without risking any money.

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