BANAL SCAM: Finorion review

Finorion websiteThis review explains why you cannot trust the Finorion Trading Company.

Finorion claims to be a company that does Forex trading and stock trading. It allegedly is very profitable, therefore it can offer investment plans to the public.

There are several investment plans with returns going up to 3000% per month. Which means that…

Finorion is a scam

Ridiculous investment plansYes, you read it right, Finorion is a scam. And we can state that just thanks to numbers. 3000% per month is such a ridiculous number that anybody should see that.

For the record, no legitimate company can multiply your money 30 times in a month, that is just impossible.

When somebody is offering you something impossible, it must be a scam, there is no other way. So, there you have it, Finorion is a scam.

Fake company

The company that means nothingFinorion is trying to look trustworthy by showing you a company registration from the UK. Finorion really is registered in the UK, but the registration is only two months old. Almost anybody can get a company tax number like this.

But every British company that wants to offer investment services needs a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority. And as you can see on our picture, Finorion is not registered with the FCA, therefore it is acting illegally.


Finorion is an investment scam that everybody should stay away from.

If you want to try genuine financial trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

In trading you need to learn how to trade and build a solid strategy before you can invest real money.

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