BANAL SCAM: Heavy Income review

Heavy IncomeSee in this review that Heavy Income is not a real investment opportunity, it’s a scam.

Heavy Income claims to be a British company that is trading cryptocurrencies and making profits. It wants to share its profits with you via its investment platform.

There are four investment programs with up to 440% returns per 10 hours (deposit included). This means 340% net per 10 hours, or 34% per hour, which is 816% per day and 24,480% per month.

Can you really multiply your money 244 times in a month with Heavy Income?

Heavy Income scam

Impossible investment plansOf course, you can’t multiply your money 244 times in a month with Heavy Income, nor with any other business opportunity in this world. It’s just impossible.

Heavy Income is in reality a heavy scam. There is no real investment company, no real trading, just a Ponzi scheme.

Unregistered companyThis means some profits might be paid with money from new deposits, but the scheme will collapse quickly, because there is no other way.

Heavy Income is just an illegal scheme, an unlicensed investment program that is going to disappear very quickly.

You won’t find any company called Heavy Income in the Financial Conduct Authority’s. This fact is enough for staying away from it.


Heavy Income is an investment scam based on a Ponzi scheme. Don’t invest your money with it, unless you want to lose it.

It is possible to make money in crypto trading, but not 816% per day. See for yourself on a free demo.

And remember that trading is risky, it’s not about profits only, you can also lose money in it, all depends on your strategy.

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