BASIC SCAM: Bit Trading review

Bit Trading CC LTDIn this review we expose the true nature of the Bit Trading scam. You should stay away from this program.

Bit Trading CC LTD claims to be a company that is specialized in trading and mining digital coins, aka cryptocurrencies.

Bit Trading offers several investment programs with returns on investments ranging from 6% to 18% daily. This means 2190% to 6570% per year.

These numbers are huge, so is it a legit opportunity?

Bit Trading scam

We have to repeat it again and again, any offer with daily returns of several percent has to be a scam. There is no other way. This is just the economic reality of our world, no legitimate business can do 180% monthly forever.

Fake company, illegal business

No capitalWe notice a surge of newly registered UK companies that run investment scams, Bit Trading CC LTD is one of them. It has been created only in August 2017, so it is just a few months old.

You have to realize that Bit Trading just made a registration for tax purposes, so this registration does not say anything about the nature of its business. Almost anybody can register a company this way.

No FCA registrationAnd while the presentation might suggest that it is a well-founded company with 6 million pounds, it is not true. A quick look at the basic document from the Companies House shows that this capital is unpaid, meaning that the company has not this money.

Another important thing is that Bit Trading clearly provides investment services, which is a regulated activity in the UK. It requires a license from the Financial Conduct Authority.

But Bit Trading is not registered with the FCA, which means that it is operating illegally.

How it really works

So, what is the true nature of Bit Trading? It is Ponzi scheme. It means that it collects money from the public and initially it pays interests using new deposits. In other words it is a pyramidal financial game.

At the beginning it pays out profits to attract more investors, but Ponzi schemes always collapse in the end. Either because there is not enough new deposits to pay the profits, or because people who run the scam take all the money and run away.


Bit Trading is an investment scam that will collapse sooner or later, because this is how Ponzi schemes end. Stay away from it!

To be clear, it is possible to make money in trading cryptocurrencies, but not hundreds of percent per month. You can try a free demo account to see what it possible and how it works.

You first have to build a profitable strategy in testing, before you can start trading with real money.

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8 thoughts on “BASIC SCAM: Bit Trading review

  1. When I was defrauded and lied too,my TD VISA and line of credit was stolen and my visa
    went to BIT TRADING when I never invest in BITCOIN.. I was looking for employment and was
    told by a con artist, fraud he wanted to open a company here so I was excited about the hopes
    of being an entrepreneur but he never moved here and never wanted to be my business partner..
    He took my funds and put it here,BIT TRADING when I never authorized my visa going to this
    ponzi scheme I didnt make this transfer someone who pretended to be me took my credit to
    this website.. BIT TRADING has stolen funds that doesn’t belong to them,it belongs to TD VISA..I hope BIT TRADING gets sued..

  2. Hi sir,
    I have invested $25from my hard savings. They have paid me nothing. Can we take any action …?


  3. This one is a 100% scam company!!
    My partner got scammed off 15 thousand USD!!
    You first put a small amount and they pay your profits fully. Then when you put a bigger amount, they pay you a part of the claimed everyday profits with everyday withdrawal limits, saying there is some problem they are facing in trading and will soon resume paying in full, requesting clients understanding. Then they stop paying in full after further reducing the withdrawal limits. Now, they vanished.
    This man , Connor of 1984 birth year is the declared company share holder as per the company house details. People behind this scam need to be found out and sent to prison for life.
    Beware of this one. I am sure they will open new companies and proceed in the same manner. DO NOT INVEST IN NEW COMPANIES WITHOUT ANY HISTORY! Also, if there is no answer to phone calls and emails, then this has to be a 100% scammers company.
    I am sure they will be found out sooner or later as a lot of people have been scammed.

    1. they have ran away with my 370$ with 5 of my downlines who invested the same as we speak how can we get hold of these guys .

    2. Hi I saw your comment I’ve come across a site like that I was wondering if you can take a look and see it

  4. I believe bit trading as the scam. I have transferred bitcoin worth $100 after which I couldn’t even login to their website.

  5. is a big took my 700 dollars and stopped paying to me .withdraw fund option on company website not working.No body giving reply on company email or contact number. so beware of this fraud company.

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