BASIC SCAM: Millionaire Detector review

Read our Millionaire Detector review to understand the real nature of this investment program.

Millionaire Detector reviewThe Millionaire Detector promises you an automated method that will earn you thousands of dollars per week on financial markets.

It was created by a guy who is trying to prove his point by going on the lie detector. At least it is what he tries to make you believe.

What is truly incredible is that you can get his trading software for free. But is it?

Millionaire Detector is a scam

There is nothing incredible about Millionaire Detector, because it is a scam. Our regular readers will remember Lie Detector Millionaire, which is the exact same scam.

So, in reality Millionaire Detector is a copy of a fraud that is three years old. It uses the same bogus story about a lie detector that is supposed to prove that the paid actor in the video is telling the truth.

But if you look carefully at the chart he is given after the test, you will have a good laugh, that bad the fake is.

Reviews of Millionaire Detector

Testimonials and reviewsMost of the scams we have reviewed use fake testimonials and reviews to persuade their new victims, and Millionaire Detector is no different.

We have compared its testimonials with another version of this scam, and as you can see, the people are the same, but their names and countries differ. Which definitely proves that they are totally fake.

How it really works

Fraudulent systemIn order not to get scammed by Millionaire Detector or any other similar program, you have to understand how scammers work.

They tell you fake stories about programs that will make you a lot of money on autopilot and they promise they will give them to you for free.

But in reality the software are losing money and you won’t get access to it until you deposit money with a broker of their choice.

It will be an unregulated broker cooperating with these scammers and sharing with them money they get from you.

So you can expect all sorts of persuasive methods to get as many deposits as possible from you, it is pure robbery hidden behind a fancy story about trading financial markets. But all they do is taking money from people.


Millionaire Detector is a pure scam, it will just take your money and keep it, you won’t earn anything, you will lose your deposit. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in trading, get a free demo with a regulated broker and start learning with virtual money.

You have to understand the risks and construct a solid strategy before trading with real money.

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