BEWARE of 247StockCapitals, SkyCaftTrade and Bristrades – scam brokers


In this review we warn against three unregulated and dangerous brokers that represent a great risk for your money.

247 Stock Capitals

247StockCapitals is a broker, an investment service and a cryptocurrency mining service. Allegedly.

The brokerage service allows you to trade with currencies, cryptocurrencies, bonds, indices and commodities.

The investment service offers four different plans with returns up to 96%, but the investment period is not specified.

The mining service is just mentioned on 247 Stock Capitals’ website but no details are provided.

The broker claims to be located in Massachusetts, United States.

247 Stock Capitals scam

We needed just a brief look at 247StockCapitals to see that it is a total scam. Here are just some of the many red flags:

  1. The US address provided by the broker is fake.
  2. 247StockCapitals is not regulated, it has no authorization to provide investment services, therefore it is an illegal broker.
  3. The investment plans are very shady, 96% returns are way to high no matter if they are daily, weekly or monthly.
  4. The team of consultants presented on the website is fake, stock photos have been used.
  5. The testimonials shown on the website of the broker are fake, again fabricated with stock photos.
  6. The broker says that it accepts customers from 750 countries, but there are not that many countries in the world, by far. In reality there are only 195 countries.
  7. There is no proof of any mining activity done by 247 Stock Capitals, we believe that it has no mining equipment.

To sum it up, 247 Stock Capitals is an unregulated and scam broker that is lying about many aspects of its business. Investing money with this company would equal to a sure loss. Therefore, you should stay away from it.

Sky Caft Trade

Sky Caft Trade

Sky Caft Trade claims to be a cryptocurrency exchange and investment company. It is focused on bitcoin.

It is not entirely clear if it is an exchange that will let you trade cryptocurrencies directly or a broker that will let you trade indirectly with bitcoin derivatives.

Another thing that is unclear are the investment plans. They promise returns ranging between 20 and 120% but it is not specified how long you have to wait for your profits.

SkyCaftTrade claims to be registered in Texas, United States.

Sky Caft Trade scam

There are many red flags that suggest that Sky Caft Trade is a scam. Here are some of them:

  1. Sky Caft Trade scamFake team – they used a stock photo to portray the alleged CEO of the company.
  2. Fake testimonials – they are not real, they are made up stories with random photos.
  3. Unregulated company – Sky Caft Trade is offering investment services, so it needs to be authorized by financial regulators. But it has no license, it is an illegal service.
  4. The US address provided by the broker is fake.
  5. Sky Caft Trade is not registered in the US.

To sum it up, Sky Caft Trade is an illegal investment service that is not located nor registered in the United States. Investing with this company would put your money at great risk. This is why you should stay away from it.



Bistrades is a binary options broker and an investment program. The binary platform will allow you to trade with various assets, such as currencies, cryptocurrencies and commodities. The investment program offers daily returns up to 120%.

Bistrades claims to be a company officially incorporated in New York, United States.

Bristrades scam

We investigated Bristrades and we found out that it is a scam. Here are the reasons:

  1. Bristrades scamBristrades is a fake company, it does not exist and certainly is not registered in the United States.
  2. It is an unregulated and unauthorized broker, and therefore an illegal investment service. It has no license whatsoever.
  3. 120% daily returns are impossible to achieve in real trading and investing.
  4. Testimonials shown on its website are fake. For example, the photo of one of the clients is in reality the photo of an Australian minister (see the proof on our picture).
  5. The address provided on its website is fake, the company is not located in the US.

To sum it up, Bristrade is an anonymous and illegal investment service that you should stay away from. Any amount of money invested with this company will be lost.


247 Stock Capitals, Sky Caft Capitals and Bristrades are unregulated and illegal investment services. They are scams that you should not invest with, if you don’t want to lose money.

For trading and investing you should use only regulated brokers. We recommend starting on a demo account and learning with virtual money before potentially switching to real money.

Be sure to understand the risks of real investing before using your money.

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