Beware of 300 Dollar Trade by Olimp Finance

In this review we are going to have a look at “300 Dollar Trade”, it is presented by Jack Emery from Olimp Finance.

tosThe presentation of 300 Dollar Trade is very short and Emery just says that he is going to give you $300 and he promises that he is going to make you wealthy quickly.

We don’t know what this offer is really about, because Emery doesn’t give away anything more, but when you sign up, you in fact open an account with a new binary options broker called Olimp Finance.

We can only guess that these $300 are a deposit bonus that you will get after depositing money. But then again it might be something different.

Olimp Finance testimonialBut there is one thing that we would like to draw your attention to. It is the fact that Emery promises to make you wealthy, but the Terms and Conditions of Olimp Finance say something different. It is written that you can lose money and that Olimp Finance employees cannot be held responsible for that.

So don’t count on Emery to make you wealthy, this offer is very suspicious.

And one more thing, the testimonials on the 300 Dollar Trade web page are fake, photos have been stolen from various sources on the Internet.

Take a look at the example on the right, you can see on the picture that the photo belongs to somebody else.

As always we remind you that the safest way to try binary options trading is a free demo account. You have to learn trading if you want to make money, nobody will do that for you for free.