BEWARE of Arbitrage Coins – review

Arbitrage Coins official webIn this review you will learn why you should stay away from Arbitrage Coins.

Arbitrage Coins Bot is supposed to be an arbitrage trading robot for cryptocurrencies. It should take advantage of price differences between different exchanges and make profits for you.

The robot is free and there are no fees. Isn’t that weird?


There are some red flags about Arbitrage Coins.

Illegal investment service

Contact informationFirst of all, a trading robot that is supposed to trade with your money needs to be licensed. Arbitrage Coins is allegedly based in Malta, which is an EU country.

So, either Arbitrage Coins is regulated in Malta, or it is illegal. As we found no information about Arbitrage Coins being licensed, it is an illegal investment service. That’s a fact.

Anonymous transactions

Deposits in cyptos onlyWe noticed that in order to use the trading robot you will have to deposit cryptocurrencies. It means that you will be sending your money to an anonymous party via an irreversible transaction.

Why is Arbitrage Coins not accepting fiat deposits? This way they can take all the money and run away with it.


We wanted to see how Arbitrage Coins really works, some results, proofs etc. But we found nothing. Therefore, we don’t have any reason to believe that this trading system really works.

Anybody can claim they have a profitable robot, but you also have to prove it and Arbitrage Coins doesn’t do that.


Arbitrage Coins is an illegal investment service that provides no proofs of positive results. We recommend staying away from it!

If you are interested in making money with cryptocurrencies, start your trading on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

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