BEWARE of Arbitrage Coins – review

Arbitrage Coins official webIn this review you will learn why you should stay away from Arbitrage Coins.

Arbitrage Coins Bot is supposed to be an arbitrage trading robot for cryptocurrencies. It should take advantage of price differences between different exchanges and make profits for you.

The robot is free and there are no fees. Isn’t that weird?


There are some red flags about Arbitrage Coins.

Illegal investment service

Contact informationFirst of all, a trading robot that is supposed to trade with your money needs to be licensed. Arbitrage Coins is allegedly based in Malta, which is an EU country.

So, either Arbitrage Coins is regulated in Malta, or it is illegal. As we found no information about Arbitrage Coins being licensed, it is an illegal investment service. That’s a fact.

Anonymous transactions

Deposits in cyptos onlyWe noticed that in order to use the trading robot you will have to deposit cryptocurrencies. It means that you will be sending your money to an anonymous party via an irreversible transaction.

Why is Arbitrage Coins not accepting fiat deposits? This way they can take all the money and run away with it.


We wanted to see how Arbitrage Coins really works, some results, proofs etc. But we found nothing. Therefore, we don’t have any reason to believe that this trading system really works.

Anybody can claim they have a profitable robot, but you also have to prove it and Arbitrage Coins doesn’t do that.


Arbitrage Coins is an illegal investment service that provides no proofs of positive results. We recommend staying away from it!

If you are interested in making money with cryptocurrencies, start your trading on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

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3 thoughts on “BEWARE of Arbitrage Coins – review

  1. Since beginning of June 2018, Arbitrage-Coins is rejecting my withdrawal-requests.
    Even small withdrawal-request are going to be rejected. I was continously involved in chat-discussions, to find a solution with them, but until today without any development from their side. I had “invested” some coins during February 2018. Until end of May, Arbitrage-Coins executed my withdrawals-requests without any difficulties. Withdrawal-amount had not been higher than 0,035 BTC or 1 LTC.

    Since 1st of June, I had placed at least 5 times new withdrawal-requests, which Arbitrage-Coins is continously rejecting, as they are cancelling my requests again and again. Several chat-conversations with them, are indeed friendy, but it is impossible to find any solution with those guys. Sometime it’s like chatting with an artificial-intelligent robot, but not with a human-being.

    At the present moment I’m feeling cheated.


  2. A LOST CASE. Not even the transcripts are sent to e-mail.
    IT IS A SCAM!!!! BEWARE!!!
    More than a few coins, I deposit confidence and hope on this, yet, the day has come and besides all bad reviews I was hoping to receive my payment.
    It didn’t happen! More than a week waiting for a withdraw request.
    Then the “peregrine” information that, if your IP is different from the deposit one, the withdrawal cannot be concluded.
    Even asked me for a new small deposit to bypass some “bogus system firewall” preventing the withdrawal blockade.

    Another lesson to those as me, who hope to have some extra income not working at all. There’s simply NO FREE LUNCH in this world.

    Here some good “costumer support” contact.

    How can I help you?

    I’m waiting for a LTC withdrawal for about one week.
    yesterday I contact you once more and still no solution on it.
    Been quite happy with your service till now. I need this payment now, but I was expecting to deposit 3 eth during July. This changes my mind once it is not understandable the amount of time for a simple withdrawal.
    I still have 1,78 LTC in my account and last week I ask for 3,09LTC

    May I know your email, which coin and amount actually?

    your colleague yesterday told me that would contact your payment department

    Yes i check with my colleague . He already informed that to our account department to check this issue .

    Department also reply us that if you made the withdrawal request from same ip address which you use for your last deposi so our system of course will release .

    I’m pretty sure it was done with the same IP, but if it wasn’t? Imagine that I changed to another house or country with a diffrent IP? How would we resolve the payment?
    furthermore, I have 2FA activated. Only my phone can access the code.
    This posses me a serious question about deposit the eth I intend to during next month.

    If you want to solve this problem so I would like to suggest you something

    Let me explain you

    go ahead

    Firstly you can not use here vpn and different IP address or dynamic.

    In order if you are moving to the other place or country so before you go just have to inform us.

    Now days this way our system working very strictly

    So now you can do one more thing, cancel your withdrawal request.

    And make a new deposit from account. Minimum deposit. Then in this way our system can trace your IP address

    Not practical at all Jack. Furthermore, I do not recall to read anything about same IP when opened and deposit in my account.
    I will not cancel my withdraw request nor I deposit a single dollar till I receive my LTC.
    Honestly, Like that my confidence in your service is by now damaged. Although happy with the outcome of my investment, This ´´minor´´ aspects can bring all to an end, so please proceed with the deposit on my account as asked a week ago.

    Sorry sir only this I could help you. Otherwise our system very strictly work with this issue. Because fake people also can steal clients coin from their account

    Ok Jack. By now I realize that you will not proceed with my withdraw. So to me also, it is true the bad reviews many people do to your service.
    I understand that my money is lost and I will not retreive not even my initial deposit.
    That’s insane.
    Not even major exchanges asks the insanity you do ask to retrieve a deposit.
    You are just one more of those seeking a easy life on the web, and I felt for it.
    I understand this now. The amount of blocks you pose to a guy who thought to be a client, is just unacceptable.

    A last question. Can you answer straight?
    Will you proceed with my withdraw?

    are you there?


    Sir I told you already that

    I will not proceed with a new deposit. Furthermore I do not have any crypto left to do it If I want to.

    It’s not necessary to do. That is I just give you advice. Because our system locked up unknown IP address
    it is the same IP address. It is the same PC; the PC is always on.

    I’ll inform our account department again to check this.

    I’m not able to do for you anything

    I hope you understand

    I cannot.
    The only thing I can do is to advise others not to fall in your scam my friend. Bottom Line… I lost my coins to you. period.

    Okay fine

    Thank you have a good day

    First was the delay of your payment service, then the IP, and now this insane idea to make a new deposit.
    Your last reply says it all.

    It’s up to you that what you think. We have so many clients from your country they doesn’t have any complaints about our system because they followed up our instructions. We release every day more than 400 withdrawal request. So if you said that I don’t care . Please.

    You and I are hopeless.
    I will still wait for my coins.
    Furthermore, there’s no single place I can or could find this IP thing you stated.

    What I said to you? Just wait I’ll check with our account department again. But you are talking stupidly to me.

    Great costumer support; nice terms you use. Congrats.
    Just done another withdrawal for my final balance 1.78 LTC.

    I’m done with your ´´service´´ here.

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