BEWARE of Atlas Quantum – review

Atlas Quantum official websiteIn this review we explain that extreme caution is needed when considering investing with Atlas Quantum.

Atlas Quantum is supposed to be an arbitrage platform for cryptocurrencies. So, for example it buys bitcoin on one exchange for a lower price and sells it on another exchange for a higher price.

Atlas Quantum say they can make you money, they claim that in the last 12 months they achieved a ROI of 43.65%. So, should you invest with them?

Not so fast

We see several serious problems with Atlas Quantum. Here are some of them.

Dubious history

Alleged historyAtlas Quantum claim they have been making profit for two years. At first sight it might seem possible, because their domain name was created two years ago.

However, when you look in the web archive, you will see that until March 2018 the domain was only parked, there was no website. It seems that Atlas Quantum is active only since July 2018, which means one month and not two years.

Empty historyTherefore, we don’t believe that the platform has 240 thousand users in 50 countries and 30 million dollars under management.

The web history shows that Atlas Quantum is only a few months old, which is also confirmed by their Twitter account.

Anonymous and illegal service

Anonymous and unregulatedAtlas Quantum clearly is providing investment services. It collects money from the public and is supposed to pay back profits. And it is clearly targeting residents of regulated countries like the UK, Canada or Japan.

But Atlas Quantum is anonymous, they provide no information about the company, no address, only a few phone numbers. This obviously means that Atlas Quantum is not regulated, and therefore not authorized to provide investment services.

It means that it cannot operate legally in most countries. It is never a good idea to deposit cryptocurrencies with anonymous companies, because crypto transactions are anonymous and irreversible.


We recommend staying away from Atlas Quantum, because it is not regulated and its history raises big red flags.

If you want to try genuine cryptocurrencies trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

For trading and investing use regulated companies only.

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  1. I am an active member since 2017/10, and I can prove that website is online since I’ve signed up. I have about 0.4 BTC, receiving earnings everyday.

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