BEWARE OF Auto Binary Signals – review

This review is a warning against Auto Binary Signals, which is a binary options signals service with false promises. It is presented by Roger Pierce.

Auto Binary Signals will send you trading signals that allegedly have an 80 – 100 % win rate. Access to these signals cost $97.

With such a win rate, it should be easy to make it worth the investment, but…

We don’t trust AutoBinarySignals

There are several things about Auto Binary Signals that don’t look right. Let’s go through some of them.

Who is Roger Pierce and Auto Binary Signals?

First of all you should know that providing trading signals is considered as investment advice in every civilized country. Which means that it is a regulated activity by financial authorities, so you need a licence in order to legally provide binary options trading signals.

But Roger Pierce and his Auto Binary Signals are not authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is easy to verify, as Pierce provides an address (see image). According to the Financial Register there is no authorized company on this address. So this is the first warning sign.

Fake guarantee

In the Auto Binary Signals video you can hear that the returns are guaranteed. But only scammers guarantee results in trading, because they are impossible to guarantee. In fact, financial regulators don’t even allow to say that trading results are guaranteed.

Moreover Pierce admits it in the disclaimer, that there are no guarantee whatsoever. This is another scam tactic, you promise and guarantee impossible things in the presentation and you use the smallest font at the bottom of the page to explain that actually there are no guarantees whatsoever.

Other details

Then there are other details the suggest that ABS is not honest. Like the claim about the limited spots, meanwhile this system is online since 2013 and (allegedly) has more than 25 thousand members.

Scammers always say that you have to hurry up to not to miss the opportunity, but their offer in reality is never limited.

Then ask yourself the question, why would Pierce sell profitable trading signals instead of making money with them on his own account?


Auto Binary Signals is not a legit trading opportunity, because it is not authorized and it makes false promises.

If, however, you decide to give a go, be sure to test the signals on a demo account with a regulated broker first!

Never trade any system that you could not verify on a demo first.

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7 thoughts on “BEWARE OF Auto Binary Signals – review

      1. Hi,
        Can you give me the tips how to use it? I used but only the lost and no good signals at all.

        1. Hi, my point is that you can use trading signals only in one way: you trade them. Auto Binary Signals is a scam, so the person that I replied to is lying, signals are either profitable or not, it is not about how to use them.

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