BEWARE of Binary Today Secret – review

In this review of Binary Today Secret we explain why we strongly don’t recommend trading binary options with this system of John Kane.

What it is about

Binary Today Secret is a program that generates binary options trading signals. It allegedly has an history of a 69 – 81 % win ratio and in 2017 it has won 81 % of trades so far.

So you allegedly can expect your account to grow 30 – 50 % per month, which is pretty big.

The price of the Binary Today Secret script for Metatrader is $169.

Don’t buy Binary Today Secret

We have reviewed hundreds of binary options scams, so we know a lot about trading systems that are on the market. And we are convinced that it is not a good idea to buy and trade with Binary Today Secret. Here is why.

Known history of lies

First of all Binary Today Secret was made by John Kane and this guy has not a good reputation (see also the discussion under the linked review). We have proven that he lies about his identity, so we consider him being a scammer.

Moreover Kane has been selling binary options trading system for years and every time he comes with a new one he claims it to be the best ever. To this date he has sold at least 6 different trading systems. Each time he claims that he has been making money with them and each time he asks you to buy his new system. But from the outside they all look the same and people say they don’t work.

Guarantee, NO guarantee

The usual trick of Kane is to claim that you are guaranteed to make money with his trading systems, only to say in a small disclaimer at the bottom of his page that there are no guarantees. We consider this to be a scam practice.

And Binary Today Secret is no different, in the presentation he tells you twice that there is a guarantee, but again, look at the disclaimer, no guarantees whatsoever, you can lose everything.

Not verified

Kane also claims that Binary Today Secret’s results are verified. But by whom? By him? It is an empty claim. Either a third independent party has verified the trading results, or he cannot use such statements.

At this time there is no proof whatsoever that a third party has verified that Binary Today Secret works in a profitable way.

Weird price

Binary Today Secret costs $169. This alone is total nonsense. A profitable trading system that makes your account grow 30 – 50 % per month would cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Imagine that you start trading with $10,000 and the first month you make $3,000 thanks to a trading system. Would such a trading system cost $169? It is almost impossible.

Illegal investment advice

In his disclaimer Kane says that his website is intended for educational purposes only and that it is not providing investment advice.

But when you are selling a software that generates trading signals and you say that people will make money with it, it is considered as investment advice in any country with a solid financial regulation.

And because Kane provided no information about a licence on his website, we must assume that he has no licence whatsoever. Which means that he cannot sell Binary Today Secret legally to people from the US, Canada, EU, Australia, Japan and every other country with a solid financial regulation.


We strongly don’t recommend buying Binary Today Secret because it has a misleading presentation and it is coming from a guy that we consider to be a scammer.

We suggest trying his trading system only if he lets you verify its performance for free on an independent demo account with a regulated broker. Otherwise we recommend staying away.

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