Beware of Binarycent, Race Option, Vide Forex, Fomax Capital and CT Trade

Financial regulators from France and Great Britain have warned against five different brokers.

Binarycent, Race Option and Vide Forex are run by the same owners. These brokers claim to be regulated but they are not.

Although they have no licence to provide investment services in regulated countries, they do it. This is why the AMF placed them on it blacklist.

Fomax Capital and CT Trade are doing the same thing, they are not regulated, but still trying to get customers in countries like Great Britain. This has earned them a place on the FCA blacklist.

For your trading use regulated brokers only.

4 thoughts on “Beware of Binarycent, Race Option, Vide Forex, Fomax Capital and CT Trade

  1. I was scammed twice by Fomax capital. I wrote to them looking to close my account. They called back to say as per contract I had to pay a fee as I was closing my account within one year. I paid the fee. Then they disappeared. Still waiting.

    1. Who were you engaging with @ Fomax and how long since you paid for settlement? I have been offered the same and a bit skeptical about it.

  2. Fomax Capital are scam, I did the mistake to invest with them and I am not able to get my money back. Stay away from them, don’t do the same mistake I did.

    1. I agree. I made the same mistake. A complete scam. They looked genuine and very professional. Very convincing. Then all of a sudden, unable to contact anyone.

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