Beware of Binbot – review

binbot-websiteIn this review we have a look at Binbot, which is a binary options robot.

The page leading to Binbot promises that you can earn $300 per hour with this program. And it is free.

That’s it, life is simple, people are eager to make you money for free.

Stay away from Binbot

1The biggest problem with Binbot is the same as with every other binary options program we have reviewed so far.

You have to first deposit money and then you have to let the robot trade with your own money.

It means that you cannot test it to verify the performance. It also means that if it is losing money, it will lose your deposit.

And we have every reason to believe that it will happen, because so far we have binbotreviewed more than 400 free binary options programs and all of them were losing money in real trading.

So our recommendation is very simple, if they don’t let you test the Binbot robot for free with no deposit, stay away from it.


Binbot forces you to immediately let it trade with you money, you are not allowed to verify its performance in tests, so stay away from it.

To make money with binary options you have to use only strategies and systems that you verified on a genuine free demo account with a regulated broker.

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5 thoughts on “Beware of Binbot – review

      1. Did you even try this one? Your review is pretty much based on nothing other than your opinion of the front end of the site… I am honestly looking into options and it is frustrating reading reviews such as this that are void of any actual substance…

        1. Dick, as you can see on the third image, we did try the back end as well. But you don’t have to trust our review and expertise. Unlike Binbot we are not selling anything, so it won’t change anything for us. You can go and try Binbot with your own money, you can believe that an anonymous and illegal investment service will make you money for free with a broker that is not regulated. You can believe that free money exists and risk your own deposit. We offered our help in the shape of our warning. Take it or leave it, it doesn’t change anything for us.

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