BEWARE of Bitbot Global

Bitbot Global official websiteIn this review we analyze the Bitbot Global robot for cryptocurrencies.

Bitbot is supposed to be a program for automatic earning with cryptocurrencies. It will trade cryptos on exchanges and allegedly generate you profits.

Bitbot allegedly can get you a “stable profit” from 1% to 5.8% per day. Really?

Stay away from Bitbot

Investment planLet’s start with numbers. 1% to 5.8% means 30% to 174% per month. From an anonymous and unregulated robot.

This alone should make you stay away from Bitbot, because these numbers are impossible in any legit business. It would mean almost tripling your money each month, which is not achievable in crypto trading.

Illegal robot

Another problem is that Bitbot has no licence whatsoever. It is not regulated. But it should be, because it is clearly providing investment services.

Not only that, Bitbot is totally anonymous, so you don’t even whom you are supposed to send your money to.

How it works

We believe that Bitbot Global is a Ponzi scheme, meaning that it might pay profits for some time, because it will use deposits from new members for that.

But these schemes always fail, because there will always be a day when deposits are not enough to cover withdrawals.


Bitbot is not a legit investment nor trading opportunity, stay away from it.

If you want to make money with cryptocurrencies, open a free demo with a regulated broker and start learning.

This way you will see what real possibilities of trading are.

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