BEWARE OF Bitcoins Wealth Club, USI-Tech, Trade Coin Club and company

Bitcoins Wealth Club webIn this review of Bitcoins Wealth Club of Vitaliy Dubinin we explain why this network of trading schemes looks very suspect.

One of our readers pointed us to the Bitcoins Wealth Club and when we saw it, we decided that it is worth a review. So here it is.

What it is about

Dubious schemesWhen you land on the Bitcoins Wealth Club web page, you will be told that you can allegedly make 0.3 bitcoin per day on autopilot with a free system.

You will also be told that you will get a free course that will teach you how to make a minimum 0.5% – 1.25% per day, which means 617% – 9315% per year (compounding effect included)!

But what happens when you sign up and click on “set-up your passive income streams”? You will be referred to programs like USI-Tech or Trade Coin Club that will ask you to first invest your own money!

So, hundreds or even thousands of percent per year for free? But wait, not really free, because you first have to invest your money… This is what we hear from more than 700 scams that we have reviewed.

Let’s go through some of these programs.


USI-Tech is completely anonymousUSI-Tech is a company that develops automated trading systems. You have to invest at least 50 euros in order to start and it allegedly will make you 1% daily in bitcoin returns. And you can also earn money by referring other people via your affiliate link.

So, USI-Tech is an investment company, you give them money, they are supposed to give you back more thanks to investing in bitcoin.

The problem is that this company is totally anonymous, you won’t find any contact information on their website. So USI-Tech obviously is not regulated, therefore it is not authorized to provide investment services in most countries!

Trade Coin Club

Trade Coin Club is not regulatedTrade Coin Club is basically the same story. They want you to buy their trading software for at least 0.01 bitcoin, which is roughly 45 dollars. In return they promise 0.45% – 1% a day. And they also have an affiliate program.

And guess what, Trade Coin Club is totally anonymous and not regulated, so it is an illegal investment service in most countries.


icoinpro reviewAnother program that Dubinin wants you to sign up for is iCoinPro. It bascially is a multi level marketing scheme.

You are supposed to buy an educational package for $39.95 per month and refer other people to the program to earn affiliate commissions.


This seems to by another MLM scheme, you purchase an educational package and you are supposed to earn commissions by reselling it to other people.

How it really works

Now it is obvious how Dubinin is really making money. He earns affiliate commission by referring people to programs mentioned above. His main activity obviously is not cryptocurrencies, but affiliate marketing.

The big problem we see is that he is pushing you to invest money with unregulated services like USI-Tech and Trade Coin Club. You will send money to an anonymous entity and if it doesn’t work, you will lose it and nobody will help you.

Returns on investments promised by USI-Tech and Trade Coin Club are so high that these must be scams. Hundreds or thousands of percent per year are offered by Ponzi schemes only. It means that you might get some returns, but these will be paid from deposits of new users. And when there is not enough new deposits, the system will collapse.


Bitcoins Wealth Club will send you to dubious investment schemes that are very probably Ponzi schemes. Schemes like USI-Tech or Trade Coin Club are not regulated, therefore they are illegal in most countries.

There is no way around it, if you accept deposits and promise returns, it is an investment service. If you sell a software that is supposed to make money, it is investment advice. Both are regulated activities that require a licence.

It is possible to make money in cryptocurrency trading, but is not easy as these programs suggest. You can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

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    1. If you are looking for a platform that will generate you profits on autopilot, I cannot recommend any, because so far I have seen scams only.

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