BEWARE of Bitcoinvest – review

Bitcoinvest official webIn this review you will learn why we don’t recommend investing money with Bitcoinvest.

Bitcoinvest is an investment program. It collects money from the public, then it is invested in cryptocurrencies, which allegedly will generate profits that allow you to double your money every month.

So, is it really possible to double your investment every month with Bitcoinvest?

Bitcoinvest is an illegal scheme

Investment plansFirst of all let us explain that Bitcoinvest is an illegal investment program. This is because it is made to collect money from the public with the aim of investing. And it doesn’t matter in which asset, as long as you collect money from the public for the purpose of investing, you need to be regulated, you need a licence.

But Bitcoinvest obviously is not regulated, it has no license whatsoever. It is a totally anonymous operation. You are supposed to send crypto deposits to anonymous people. And you know that crypto transactions are irreversible, don’t you?

Illegal pump and dump

Pump and dump is not legalBitcoinvest claim that they can double your money thanks to a method called pump and dump, which is allegedly legal. Pump and dump means that you choose cryptocurrencies that are not very liquid, therefore easy to manipulate, and you manipulate their price higher.

Then you hope for unaware public to start buying, so that you can sell at higher prices. In reality this method is not legal. It is market manipulation. It might not being punished now, but it can be any time soon.

Remember the US SEC clearly stated that some cryptos are securities. So, we might not be far from a stricter regulation. Do you want authorities to knock on your door sometimes in the future, because your participated in a pump and dump scheme?

Or is it a Ponzi?

Another possibility is that Bitcoinvest is not even a pump and dump scheme, but a simple Ponzi that does nothing, just paying some profits with new deposits. Which of course is another illegal scam scheme that always fails.


Bitcoinvest is an illegal investment scheme, moreover sending your cryptos to anonymous people is never a good idea, because nobody will be able to help you if you run into problems.

If you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You will see how cryptos move and you can try to build a profitable strategy for yourself.

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8 thoughts on “BEWARE of Bitcoinvest – review

  1. Thank you very much to each person who had made aware about Bitcoinvest. It the same with Cryptoinvest, they did not pay me even though I was investing for the first time with them.

  2. ITS A SCAM ….


  3. ntil yesterday I was paid 7 in ETH 3 days 10% and 2 times in BTC 10 days at 30%. But since yesterday I have not received payment in ETH, and after several communications, they have not replied … for me it is SCAM ..

  4. This is a SCAM…!
    I made a couple of very small investments just to test the water, then I went for the big one, a large amount of money over the 30 day investment, guess what, NO money…! When you contact them they do NOT return your emails and the website reviews are fake!!!! AVIOD!
    I have also reported the YouTube video as that account is a SCAM as well, the only way to make money is to hold crypto or buy and sell, just AVIOD all these get rich quick websites!

  5. I already tried and 100% that it is a scam. They are paying first but once you invested more they will not pay you anymore. Don’t make same mistakes as I did.

  6. The site is not a scam, I have been paid 5 times so far. 4 ETH payments and 1 BTC payment for their 10 day plan. And pump and dump is illegal when it comes to trading stocks or old stuff like that, crypto is not yet regulated so pump and dump is pretty legal.

    Did you invest with them and you didn’t get paid or why are you calling them a scam?

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