BEWARE OF BlackOpt24, BlackOption and Redoption – review

In this review we explain why BlackOpt24, BlackOption and RedOption are not a legitimate trading opportunity.

What it is about

BlackOptionWell, this question is harder to answer than we thought. The presentation of BlackOpt24 says it is about earning money with binary options. It seems that you are supposed to copy the trades of professional traders and earn money.

Plus, you will given $25 for free to start trading. So, do you have anything to lose? We think so.

Blackoption, BlackOpt24 and RedOption are not right

We’ve been trading binary options for more than four years and we can honestly say that Blackoption, BlackOpt24 and RedOption are not about real binary options trading, that is for sure.

We tested the system, but it is a weird game, there is no real trading platform, no real quotes, just some weird buttons. It is almost exactly the same strange game as EUROUS that we have already reviewed. Which means, among other things, that you will never be allowed to withdraw the “free” $25 you will be given.

One thing is for sure, Blackoption, BlackOpt24 and RedOption are not regulated, whatever they true nature is. These platforms are anonymous.

Fake reviews

Reviews are not realAll three websites Blackoption, BlackOpt24 and RedOption share the exact same reviews, so we can safely say these reviews are fake.

Photos of these people can be found across the Internet with different names, so it is obvious that what you can see on the websites of these three programs are not real testimonials.

How it really works

Blackoption, BlackOpt24 and RedOption are very confusing, even as experienced traders we cannot get how these systems work. But we are sure they will not make you any money, at least not in a legal way.

Either these systems are Ponzi schemes or losing trading systems. This will be very easy to find out if they ask you for a deposit at some time. It is possible that they will let the virtual balance grow and then ask you for a deposit before withdrawing. That would be an obvious scam.

Or they are maybe just collecting personal information illegally for some other purposes. Either way Blackoption, BlackOpt24 and RedOption are not legit trading opportunities. You can already see it by the fact that the same program has three different names with three different websites.


Blackoption, BlackOpt24 and RedOption are weird unregulated games that are not about real binary options trading. This is why we recommend staying away from them!

If you want to try genuine binary options trading to see if you are able to make money in it, try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Always trade only with brokers that are licensed to offer investment services in your country.

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36 thoughts on “BEWARE OF BlackOpt24, BlackOption and Redoption – review

  1. Hi John. Can I ask have you been also tried Olymp Trade? Im still thinking if I’m going to invest on that broker. They have a free demo account. Thanks.

  2. Hi sir i have did work for blackopt24 but still my payment was pending from since 3 months can u guess the idea for me

  3. Thanks for this information John. I registered on blackoption and have requested two payments which are still pending until now. I kept looking for a way to contact them but there are no email addresses and no reply from their support team. Thanks for letting me know i shouldn’t waste my time any further.

  4. I doubt the authenticity of this blackoption binary trading, though i have registered on their website but with all these review am reading about them gives me more doubt as am even reffering people to the site.

    Please John, can you recomment anyone, who can train me on IQ Option, i deposited $100 last year November and lost everything. Am a Nigerian

  5. Hello! Someone recommended blackopt24to me 2weeks back and i have been trading on it..
    But still have this doubt that i wont be paid after my transaction so i decided to search it in Google,before i met this…So do you mean i should stop right away?..
    i’m from Nigeria..

    1. Now am a bit confused, your saying they paid someone while some people are saying they haven’t paid ever. Please would you advice someone to continue .

  6. Beware of Blackoption, Blackopt24, and Redoption binaries, they are all frauds. They make you waste your time in the name of investing without fund and hoping to make some money after which they will not pay you what you have made on their websites!

    I tried all, but uptill now, none have paid the various amounts I have on their sites, but they have all deducted the monies since November 2017.

  7. Shalom John,

    I’m in Atlanta, Georgia and would like to get some one who is legitamite who can trade for me that is close. What companies, websites, or personal traders do you know about that are close for me Sir?

    1. Hi, I’m sorry but I cannot recommend anything. But I don’t know any reputable service that would teach people how to trade profitably.

  8. hi, i want to know your review about ,because there is this dude who keeps bothering me about and am scared of being scam ….thank you

  9. Tanx John,,, I must confess I am scared, someone was payed $90 through blackspot24… But ur explanation is real and I feel I am dropping the system, wat do u tink?

  10. Hello John,
    I stay in Nigeria and I use a Naira account. Blackopt24 hasn’t sent the money they claim to send. I’m just worried why it’s taking so long. Please can you recommend a genuine binary option program we can operate in Nigeria?

    Thank you

    1. Hi, if you mean a program that would generate profits on autopilot, I don’t know about any.

  11. Hi! John is there any regulated broker that you can recommend for us here in the Philippines? Thanks..

  12. hello, am jessica and i will really like to know if there’s any means of which i can withdraw money from the i have money in there but do finds it difficult to withdraw and from the last withdrawal i made it shows pending till today since on the 15th of which i did the withdrawal so, i will like to know if it’s possible for me to make a withdrawal of the money

  13. Hi John,
    thanks for all the reviews! Tried to sign up with IQOption but unfortunately not possible in Australia. Any other suggestion? Cheers in advance

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