BEWARE OF Bullish University of Ben Newman – review

bullishuniversityIn this review we have a look at Bullish University. It is a project presented by Ben Newman.

Bullish University is supposed to be an educational program that will teach you how to trade binary options profitably.

Newman claims to be a profitably binary options trader with a proven history, this is why he created Bullish University. So thanks to his teaching you will allegedly be able to build a profitable trading strategy.

Newman is a scammer

This is not the first time we are reviewing a Newman’s project. Look at our review of Trend Xpert, Option Xpert and XE Trader. All these projects are basically the same as Bullish University.

As you can see Newman keeps creating new teaching projects for binary options. Why? Because he is a scammer. And when negative reviews of one of his project are no longer bearable, he just creates a new project under a new name. Bullish University is the latest example.

In our review of his previous projects mentioned above we have proved that Newman is a scam artist, the main points were:

  • he lied about the age of his projects
  • he provided a worthless strategy consisting of spreading the same trades among several brokers
  • he has been endorsing scams like Binadroid

As Newman is a proven scammer, we don’t have any reason to believe that his latest project is honest.

Bullish University

ben-newmanNow when somebody does two webinars per day, it does not automatically means that he can trade profitably. It only means that he knows doing webinars.

Newman is at least open and he admits that the first thing he wants you to do is to deposit money with one of his brokers. Because it is the main reason why he is doing all this.

He is affiliated with some brokers and will get paid for every new depositor he can refer to these brokers. This is how he makes money. This is how scams work, when somebody pushes you to first deposit with a selected broker, you can be sure it is a scam.

Moreover the vast majority of brokers we have seen Newman recommending in the past were unregulated. It is very dangerous to trade with unregulated brokers, in some cases even illegal. And it is certainly illegal to recommend unregulated brokers to EU or US citizens.

And forget about reviews and testimonials shown on Bullish University’s web page. It’s just pictures, no real Facebook feed, no real comments, just pictures. Very easy to fake…


Bullish University is a new project of a known scammer Ben Newman. So we don’t recommend investing any money with him.

Forget about people pushing you to deposit money somewhere, if you are interested in binary options, try a free demo account.

With it you’ll be able to see how everything works, with no pressure, no risks. On a demo you have an unlimited time to tune your strategy so that it earns you money when you go live.

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