BEWARE of Casdaq Trading – review of an illegal broker

In this Casdaq Trading review we explain why you have to stay away from this investment service.

Casdaq TradingThe proposition of Casdaq Trading is this: You open a trading account with them, their allegedly professional traders will trade your account on your behalf, and you will supposedly make money.

The minimum deposit is $500 and the basic account expires after 30 days. In other words in just one month you should get your first profits.

How much does it costs? Casdaq will take between 5% and 50% on your profits. Really?

Stay away from Casdaq Trading

Casdaq scamThere are many potential problems with Casdaq Trading, but the main one is its identity and lack of authorization to provide investment services.

The company says it has offices in the US, which means that it has to have a license from the regulator to be able to operate legally. But, as you can see on our picture, Casdaq Trading is not regulated in the US, therefore it is breaking the law, it is an unauthorized investment service.

This alone is enough for us to recommend staying away from it.

We also had a look at its origin, and it seems that it is abusing the identity of another company. In Hong Kong There really is a company registered under the name of CASDAQ International Capital Market, but is seems that it has nothing to do with Casdaq Trading.

The strongest hint is that names of people involved in those companies don’t match. So, we believe that Casdaq Trading is an illegal clone of a legit company.

Dubious history

TestimonialAnother red flag is raised when you look at the history of Casdaq Trading. They say they exist since 2015, but even the Hong Kong company was registered in 2016 only.

More importantly, the domain name used by Casdaq Trading has been registered in 2018 only. This means that this investment service is not telling the truth on its website.

Casdaq Trading review conclusion

Casdaq Trading is an unauthorized investment services, moreover its website contains lies. Stay away from it!

For trading you should use regulated brokers only and start on a demo account to try everything risk free.

In testing you should understand trading, prepare a strategy and understand the risks of trading with real money.

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