BEWARE of Copy Profit Success Global – review

Copy and Profit official websiteIn this review we explain what the Copy Profit Success Global program is about. It is presented by Christina.

Christina says she has a simple method that can make you thousands of dollars per month. And you can start with as little as one dollar and get an instant income.


Beware of Copy and Profit

There are several red flags that make us recommend not to join Copy Profit Success Global (CPSG) or Copy and Profit.

Anonymity, absence of conditions

The first thing you should check with all programs is terms and conditions, disclaimers etc. But the links don’t work on the Copy and Profit website, which is a serious problem.

Also, the presentation of Christina is anonymous, you don’t really know who is behind, yet you are supposed to sign up. The counter on the top of the page is fake, spots will never expire.

Cannot start with one dollar

The starting price is higherChristina claims that you can start profiting with one dollar, but during the sign up the standard price is $145 and the reduced one is $15.

So, the presentation is clearly misleading.

What it is really about

Typical MLM structureChristina’s presentation will lead you to the Copy Profit Success Global program, which is an MLM. You will have to get people to sign up under you and pay in order to earn money.

The product here is Forex education. In other words they are supposed to teach people how to trade financial markets. We haven’t seen the exact content of what they teach, but it seems they have no licence for investment advice, so the product is very dubious.


Copy Profit Success Global is an MLM selling Forex training, which is a bad combination, because everything about investing is heavily regulated. This program does not look legitimate.

On a free demo with a regulated broker you can see for yourself how trading really works and what it takes to make money.

Forex education sold through and MLM scheme will hardly teach you to be profitable.

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