BEWARE of Crypto Renegade – review

Crypto RenegadeIn this review we explain our skepticism in regard to the Crypto Renegade investing program.

Crypto Renegade is an investment service, it can automatically invest your money into a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. It in fact is a robot.

It allegedly was able to turn $5,000 to $83,460. It means more than 1600%. And the software cost $37.27.

Crypto Renegade problems

Crypto Renegade is a typical hindsight guru program. In the video Suzy tells you how much you could have made, if you bought coins xyz some time ago. Anybody can show you how cryptocurrencies appreciated in value last year.

Illegal robot

The first major problem is that Crypto Renegade is a robot. It will invest on your behalf. That means that it is an investment service. As such it needs a licence in every country it is targeting.

But Crypto Renegade is anonymous and unregulated. Therefore, an illegal service in most countries.

Another question you should ask yourself is this: Is it a good idea to let an anonymous robot to take control over your money on an exchange?

No performance

PerformanceThe funny thing is that people who created Crypto Renegade obviously don’t understand investing and trading at all.

Because if they did, they would not show you their chart, which by the way, is very probably fake anyway.

But even if it wasn’t, it shows basically the same performance as the rest of the market. Because the green curve has more or less the same shape as the other ones. This means that this year you would be losing money with it the same way or even more than with other cryptos, because the delta between the all time high and all time low is the biggest on the green curve.

So, there you have it, Crypto Renegade obviously is not a profitable software this year, investing in the top three coins would bring very similar results.

Fake pressure

Another cheap trick that Crypto Renegade is using is the countdown to a price increase. We’ve been watching it for two days and it is fake, the price of the robot never goes up. This is really a scam practice.


We are pretty sure that Crypto Renegade won’t make you the money it advertises, it for sure won’t make you 16,000% any time soon. We recommend staying away from it.

We believe the best thing in trading cryptos is your own learning and strategy building. You should do your own research, understand the markets and make your own trading decision. You can practice trading on a demo account with a regulated broker.

Profitable robots are not in the public domain for a few bucks, that’s the harsh truth.

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